Racial slurs found in portable bathroom at construction site in Casselberry

CASSELBERRY, Fla. – Casselberry police are investigating racial slurs found in a portable bathroom at a construction site.

On Wednesday, Tiquanna Oliver said just before she took a break during her shift at a construction site on Lake Drive in Casselberry, she stopped to use the restroom.

“I go inside the porta-potty, as I’m using getting up it catches my eye. So I turn around and that is when I saw it.”

The n-word and other markings including “black lives splatter” were found in the portable bathroom.

Oliver said before she stepped out of the bathroom she snapped photos of the foul writing on her phone and sent them to her boss.

“What made me feel threatened was the fact that it said black lives splatter, I took that as a threat,” Oliver said.

Oliver was working as an electrician on the site and said she works among various subcontractors and vendors.

The New York native said because so many people work at the site she has no idea who is responsible or what prompted the hateful message.

“I’m the only female on the job and it’s only about four African-Americans working out there,” Oliver said.

Oliver filed a report with Casselberry police to investigate the incident. An officer interviewed multiple people and discovered that derogatory words had been covered.

“I called my mother and I broke down to her on the phone, and I’m just like ‘I shouldn’t even feel like this as if I have to look over my shoulder,’” Oliver said.

Oliver said the general contractor of the site MEC contractors worked promptly to remedy and address the problem. In an emailed statement to News 6 MEC condemned the hate speech.

“MEC does not tolerate this type of behavior. The graffiti within the portlet was removed immediately.

13 Hidden Problems in a Bathroom You Might Not Spot on Video

It might be easy to gloss over the bathroom when you’re touring a home in person—but it’s even easier to do so when you’re viewing it by video, as many of us are doing in the age of the coronavirus. It’s a smaller space than most in the house, and, at first glance, there’s not much to take in: toilet, shower, vanity—that’s all you need, right?

But the fact that the bathroom’s purpose is purely functional—the place to go when you go—is what makes it such a crucial space. And one you shouldn’t rush through in any tour.

Experts say there’s a whole lot more you should be looking at in the bathroom besides the sleek vanity and sparkling bathtub. Make sure to inspect—or ask your agent to scope out for you—these potential problem areas.

1. Funky odors

As your agent shows you the bathroom, look out for an air freshener. It might be the buyer’s personal preference to have fragrance in the bathroom, but it could also be masking issues with the plumbing or mold.

“Homes on a septic system that have a strong odor could be a sign of an issue that could cost you more later,” says Wendy Gladson, a real estate consultant at Compass in Los Angeles.

2. No bathroom vent fan

You might not think an ordinary bathroom fan is worth a second look, but it is.

“It is not necessary to have a fan if you have a window, but it could be an unpleasant surprise when you look for the switch to get rid of steam, and there is no fan [or window] present,” says Veronica Sniscak, owner and Realtor® at VSells and Associates in Ellicott City, MD.

3. Bad lighting

“Since you will not be there in person, it

Battered woman held hostage in bathroom clawed through wall to escape

Domestic abuser Curtis Scott held his victim hostage in her bathroom, forcing the woman to claw her way through its wall to escape (Picture: Hamilton County Justice Center)

A domestic abuse victim held hostage in her own bathroom managed to claw through its wall to escape. The unnamed woman used her bare hands to scratch through the wall in July 2019, after Curtis Scott, 45, locked her inside the room at her apartment in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Scott, who was convicted of kidnapping and felony assault earlier this week, was beating the woman when she managed to break free, and locked herself in the bathroom. He fired a shot through its door, then tried unsuccessfully to break his way in.

But the woman’s ordeal was far from over, with Scott warning her that he would shoot and kill her if she attempted to flee, or call for help. Prosecutor Joe Deters said: ‘The victim endured a horrible beating at the hands of Scott. She was able to eventually get away from him and lock herself in her bathroom.

‘Scott held her hostage for 16 hours. The victim literally clawed her way through her bathroom wall and contacted neighbors to alert the police.’

Deters told the Cincinnati Enquirer that a video of the woman being beaten was ‘one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen.’

After escaping the bathroom, the woman contacted police. Scott fled the scene before cops and a SWAT team could arrive to apprehend him. He spent three weeks on the run before finally being apprehended last August.

Scott will be sentenced on Friday, and faces up to 22 years behind bars for his crimes. Praising the victim for bringing her abuser to justice, Deters said: ‘(She) was a star witness in the trial.

‘I am always

New Designer Shower and Bathroom Safety Accessories

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

(Paolo Barni)

This post is sponsored and contributed by a Patch Community Partner. The views expressed in this post are the author’s own, and the information presented has not been verified by Patch.

E&T Horizons introduces a new line from ThermoMat Italy that includes an extended range of designer shower and bathroom safety accessories marketed by Design By Intent®. With the aging in place movement more and more Americans are staying in their homes longer, and this necessitates products for the changing physical needs of older adults.

“E&T Horizons vision is to carve a new niche in the shower and bathroom safety market with products that are not only functional, but also sleek and beautiful.” stated Terri Gelman, CEO and owner of E&T Horizons, LLC. We firmly believe there is a void in the market for designer styled safety bathroom furniture for consumers that have modern updated bathrooms and want an alternative to the traditional hospital styled safety products.”

The new line from ThermoMat Italy includes ADA Compliant fold up shower seats, grab bars, and unique multifunctional shelves with added grip support. Italian design has long been known for its innovative contemporary looks and these products will delight home buyers. Products are available in a variety of designer colors to coordinate with modern bathroom decors.

Unique to the market is the concept of combining the functionality of a traditional grab bar, with the feature of a display and storage shelf. These can be used both in the shower, and in the bathroom by the toilet or in other areas. The support bar is weight supporting and provides for additional stability and anti-slipping. In addition, the grab bar offers dually functional as an attractive

Spectacular whale images captured from bathroom window

A California photographer who shared some of his most spectacular whale images Wednesday let his followers in on an intriguing secret.

a small boat in a body of water

© Provided by For The Win

Doug Croft, who works for Blue Ocean Whale Watch out of Moss Landing in Monterey Bay, confessed that the images accompanying his Facebook post were not captured from either of the vessel’s two decks – but from its restroom.

“When I’m deck boss, I spend my time on the main deck [with passengers],” Croft wrote. “When I’m on the boat for fun, I spend a lot of time below deck, in the head. The porthole in the bathroom severely restricts field-of-view, but the low-to-the-water perspective more than makes up for it.”

a flock of seagulls flying over a body of water

© Provided by For The Win

The image atop this post was captured in April 2019, when a 40-ton humpback whale breached only 15 yards from the stern of a small boat as its captain trolled for salmon. The massive cetacean fell backwards, away from the fortunate angler.

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The second image, showing surface-feeding humpbacks close to the coast, won the 2018 NOAA Get Into Your Sanctuary Photo Contest. The third, showing a lone breaching humpback whale in a graceful arch, was displayed in the State Capitol in Sacramento and featured in Outdoor California Magazine.

a whale jumping out of the water

© Provided by For The Win

Croft allowed For The Win Outdoors to feature his images in this post.

Regulars aboard Blue Ocean’s vessel, High Spirits, know to bring their cameras into the head while answering nature’s call.

a large body of water

© Provided by For The Win

a whale jumping out of the water

© Provided by For The Win

Kate Cummings, captain and naturalist, told For The Win Outdoors that the narrow porthole affords a unique perspective because it’s so low to the water.

“It’s also