Halloween decor’s realism at Riverside, California home prompts multiple calls requesting fire department response

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A Riverside, California family’s Halloween decor is so realistic that multiple people have made emergency phone calls summoning firefighters to the home.

To say Carmen and Travis Long love Halloween is an understatement.

They began creating their “Pirates of the Caribbean”-themed creation three years ago.

“We’ve been adding things every year,” said homeowner Carmen Long. “It started with just skeletons, then we added a cannon in the back and the ship, the pretend fire on the side.”

Safe Halloween science ideas during COVID

The make-believe blaze is so realistic that passersby have called the fire department numerous times.

Onlookers can watch the creative show every Friday through Sunday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the corner of Chapman Place and Magnolia Avenue.

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California 4th District election preview: Tom McClintock vs. Brynne Kennedy

  • Six-term Rep. Tom McClintock will face Democrat Brynne Kennedy in California’s 4th Congressional District. 
  • The district is located in east-central California and is home to all of the counties of Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, El Dorade, Maripose, and Tuolumne. 
  • The two candidates were chosen through California’s “top-two primary” system which places the top two candidates in the state’s primary on the November ballot, regardless of party.
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Six-term incumbent Rep. Tom McClintock will square off against Democratic challenger Brynne Kennedy in November in California’s 4th Congressional District.

California currently has a “top-two primary” system, meaning that the top two winners of the primary election go on the final ballot, regardless of their political party.

The candidates

McClintock is a former California state assemblyman and state senator, positions he held for a total of 12 years. Before running for a position in the U.S. House of Representatives, McClintock ran for the office of state controller in 1994 and 1992, governor in the 2003 recall gubernatorial election, and lieutenant governor in the 2006 gubernatorial election, losing in every single one. 

In Congress, McClintock serves on the House Committee on the Judiciary and the Committee on Natural Resources, focusing many of his efforts on natural resource issues important to California. McClintock has sided with President Donald Trump 88% of the time in his voting record since 2017, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Kennedy is a former United States gymnast and business owner of the software company Topia. She is a former columnist for the Financial Times and is the author of a book on employee mobility. Her campaign is focused on strengthening the Affordable Care Act, combatting wildfire threats, and modernizing the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

In 2018, McClintock defeated Democratic challenger Jessica Morse by eight percentage points,

The Bathroom Remodel Checklist For California Homeowners

This post is sponsored and contributed by a Patch Brand Partner. The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.

Don’t skip these important steps when planning your bathroom remodel.
Don’t skip these important steps when planning your bathroom remodel. (Shutterstock)

But before you start interviewing contractors, you’ll want to think through some details on your end. A little extra foresight now can help ensure you end up with the bathroom of your dreams later.

1. Plan Your Design

While professional bathroom remodelers will be able to help you make structural decisions, it’s wise for you to know ahead of time what you’d like the end result to look like. Do a little brainstorming to come up with concrete ideas, like, “I’d like a freestanding tub and separate shower,” or “I prefer a pedestal sink to a drop-in model.”

Browse sites like Pinterest for inspiration as to layout, aesthetics, and materials. Save some photos to show your contractor and point out what you like about them.

2. Determine The Contractors You’ll Need

You might think one firm can come in and tackle your entire bathroom remodel. While some can, it is better in many instances to hire a few specialty contractors. Contrary to popular belief, this can actually save money and increase the longevity of your remodel.

So, first think about who you will need: a custom millworker, plumber, bath fitter, etc.

Need a professional bathroom remodeler? Find an expert near you.

3. Look Into Necessary Permits

Small-scale bathroom remodels most likely won’t call for any permits. However, large-scale projects may require building permits, which you can obtain through your local government offices.

Also, keep in mind that many local governments require

Southern California pastor at Rose Garden event has COVID-19

Harvest Christian Fellowship senior pastor Greg Laurie tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a White House event.

Harvest Christian Fellowship senior pastor Greg Laurie tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a White House event.

The Orange County Register via AP

The Southern California megachurch leader who attended the White House Rose Garden ceremony announcing Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has contracted COVID-19.

Harvest Christian Fellowship senior pastor Greg Laurie tested positive for the illness caused by the coronavirus after the Sept. 26 ceremony in Washington, The Orange County Register reported.

Laurie, who leads the 15,000-member Riverside-based congregation which is said to be one of California’s and the nation’s largest churches, is now among the growing list of Rose Garden attendees and members of President Donald Trump’s inner circle to test positive for COVID-19.

Laurie, 67, addressed parishioners via Facebook on Monday, confirmed he was diagnosed Friday and has since been in quarantine. Laurie’s family has tested negative.

In the nearly two-minute recording, Laurie said he first felt fatigued, achy and feverish.

“Then I found out the news I didn’t want to find out — that I actually have the coronavirus,” Laurie said. He added that he hoped for people to put politics aside and “show compassion to people who are struggling with this. It’s real. It really is a pandemic that has swept the nation and even the world. If the president of the United States can get it, anybody can get it.’”

Laurie described his symptoms as mild — he has trouble tasting food, for instance — and that he’s bored, telling parishioners that “I want to get out doing what I’m called to do.”

“It’s important as Christians for us to be reminded that God’s in control of our lives,” Laurie continued on the recording. “I don’t know why he allowed me to get it, but I got it and I know

California pastor who was at Rose Garden event has COVID-19


RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) — The head of a Southern California megachurch said Monday he has tested positive for COVID-19, joining a list that includes President Donald Trump and key White House contacts who attended a ceremony at the White House Rose Garden last month.

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside said in a Facebook post that he tested positive last Friday and has been in quarantine, although his wife and other family members tested negative for the virus.

“My symptoms have been mild so far, and I expect to make a full recovery. I have always taken the coronavirus seriously, and it has tragically taken many lives,” Laurie said in a Facebook post. “At a time like this, we need to pray for those that have it and avoid politicizing it. If our President and First Lady can get COVID-19, clearly anyone can.”

In an accompanying video message, Laurie said his symptoms included fatigue, aches and pains. He also said he has lost a couple of pounds because “things don’t taste right to me,” and has been dealing with boredom.

Laurie attended the Sept. 26 Prayer March on the National Mall with Vice President Mike Pence and later that day was at a Rose Garden ceremony where Trump formally announced the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. That event is now regarded as a potential infection nexus because there was little social distancing and many attendees — including Laurie — didn’t wear masks.

A COVID-19 outbreak has sickened over a dozen close contacts of the president over the last week. Most also attended the Rose Garden ceremony, including Utah Sen. Mike Lee; Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina; Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, former New Jersey Gov.