$4M Michigan ‘Smurf house’ with blue roof goes viral

If only it were also shaped like a mushroom.  A West Bloomfield, Mich., mansion has

If only it were also shaped like a mushroom. 

A West Bloomfield, Mich., mansion has stolen the internet’s heart — or at the very least its attention — thanks to its cartoonishly plush-looking, blue-colored roof. 

A listing for the seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom property fails to mention this most memorable attribute — instead focusing on more banal details, including that it is “reminiscent of the Cotswold style” of British architecture, and is “un-comparable” due to its “incredible use of ceramics, stone, leaded glass and plaster.” 

In addition to being arguably “un-comparable” and certainly unforgettable, the home, which is currently asking $4.19 million, also comes with a “negotiable” boat lift and jet ski. 

In addition to being topped by a roof, which looks like it’s taken directly out of the 1980s animated series “The Smurfs,” the three-story home also has multiple brick chimney stacks, nine fireplaces and a seven-car garage. The house, which was built in 1920, sits on close to 3 acres of land, including 175 feet of lakefront shore, and has been occupied by the same owners since 2005. These individuals “have passionately restored this grand home to the charm and character of the period,” the listing notes. 

A close-up shot of the home’s front entrance.
Jam Press/Way Up Media
smurf house west bloomfield michigan
An aerial shot of the house.
Jam Press/Way Up Media
The property boasts nine fireplaces total.
Jam Press/Way Up Media
The home has seven bedrooms.
Jam Press/Way Up Media
Inside, some rooms also feature a blue color scheme.
Jam Press/Way Up Media
The address also comes with a seven-car garage.
Jam Press/Way Up Media
One of eight bathrooms in the house.
Jam Press/Way Up Media
Compared to the roof, internet commenters said they didn’t find the interior particularly memorable.
Jam Press/Way Up Media
The house was built in 1920.
Jam Press/Way Up Media

The interior appears predictably staged and put together, save a notably blue-floored and painted dining area and a blue-tiled bathroom. Seating on a dock area also features blue cushions similar in shade to the roof. 

An aerial shot of the area shows a sea of brown and gray roofs in a rather typically mapped suburban enclave, memorable only for the bright blue roof of 2690 Pine Lake Road. 

“If your home doesn’t have a Smurf roof then don’t even think about inviting me over,” the Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild captioned a post about the home. 

“Maaannnn…after that roof, the inside is highly disappointing,” one roof-only fan commented. 

“I live by here and sometimes I drive down this road just to soak up the good vibes from this roof,” wrote another.

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