5 DIYs to add more luxury to your bathroom interior

You don’t have to drill holes in your pockets to get a luxurious bathroom as

You don’t have to drill holes in your pockets to get a luxurious bathroom as long as DIYs stand by your side. Right from changing the colours to pairing the decor with simple accessories, there are plenty of ways to create and give a different look to your bathroom to relax in the much-needed elegance on those weary and exhausting days, that too, in your budget. So, if you want to revamp your bathroom décor more extravagantly and affix a touch of modernity to it, then here we bring you effortless DIYs that will do all the tricks!

1. Faux plants

Faux plants are one of those trending elements that can shape your bathroom interior in a more natural, soothing way while affixing a hint of elegance to it. Not only does it makes your interior look expensive but it also gives you a sense of tranquillity as soon as you step in. You can also accompany these faux with white walls or wooden frames to accent natural style but with the intimation of the bathroom found in high-end resorts.

2. Matching wallpapers

Wallpapers are your go-to when it comes to creating high-end custom bathroom styles. Always opt for wallpapers with crown moulding that pair well with the floor or accessories of your bathroom. You can go with neutral coloured wallpapers if your floor is white or you can also opt for well-textured wallpapers to uplift the overall interior.

Matching Wallpapers

3. Vibrant cabinets and shelves

Give an instant style boost to your interior with lively colour and tone everything you can go with stunning cabinets and shelves. Now, you don’t have to choose very bold colours or too many different colours for the makeover. All you have to do is choose one colour for an accent and keep it the same throughout your bathroom.

Vibrant Cabinets and Shelves

4. Go with the classic grey

Yes, white has always been a go-to for that chic and sophisticated décor but a lot of people are breaking the monotony and choosing grey as their new favourite to reinvent their bathroom interiors. This colour is soothing and can easily be paired with any other colour. The warmer tone of this shade, such as greige, is a treat to your eyes and is perfect to affix a high-end tag to your bathroom look.

Classic Grey

5. Update towels and rugs

Now that all your décor is getting an upgrade, less noticeable elements like towels and rugs should also be swapped to create a more coordinated appearance. These small elements might not completely revamp your interior but they can sometimes create visual clutter and further can distort the overall interior. Always go with matching soft, fluffy towels and identical patterns or prints of rugs to make the biggest impact.

A few budget-friendly add-ons can make a big impact on your bathroom interiors if planned properly. If you don’t want to remodel the whole bathroom interior, then focus on three main elements such as the colour of the wall, tiles, and the accessories to bring life to your dreaded bathroom.

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