5 Home decor design elements inspired from Lisa Ray’s Mumbai home

They say “there is no place like home” and embellishing your heavenly piece of abode

They say “there is no place like home” and embellishing your heavenly piece of abode most beautifully is a therapy in itself. Taking inspiration from the dwelling of b-town celebrities will amp up your interior game and that is why we bring you a sneak peek from Lisa Ray’s lavish home interior. With big windows, plants all around, greyish hues and charming mirror work-all the interior elements of this celebrity are quite charming and are enough to inspire you for the home makeover.

If you’re planning to revamp your home interior then explore these 5 takeaways from her enchanting décor.

  1. A hint of magic with mirror accessories

The living room of Lisa Ray has this beautiful silvery-round-mirrors on the wall that is making the whole appeal sharp and inviting. The blend of matching cushions, plants and rugs gives a contemporary sense to the overall décor. Wooden cupboards on the topmost wall are also a great way to affix an exotic look.

  1. Big Nature-inspired prints to add grandeur

Big nature-inspired prints are just in! These prints not only make the overall space charming but also please the eyes while invigorating the senses. You can also use the wallpapers and stick-on on your walls to make them quirky, modern and stylish.

  1. Plants and glasswork for serenity and positivity

Lisa Ray is inspiring us to incorporate big plants in our abode as her home embrace plenty of plants ranging from small to big ones. The refreshing colours, textures and nature-inspired planters will not only beautify your ambience but also rejuvenate your mind, body and soul like no other. With the busy schedules and chaotic lives, it becomes extremely difficult to take out time to rejuvenate our ambience. Isn’t it? But let us tell you that a space full of stimulating and fancily hooked planters can easily invigorate your senses while adding a new dimension to your home.

  1. All grey bedroom for a win

An all grey bedroom similar to the hue of the overall décor is something unique that is seen in the pictures of Lisa Ray. Grey is a neutral and elegant colour and it helps in keeping your environment stress-free. If you are planning to go with this one, then you can also make the colour of your bedsheets charcoal grey for an enhanced overall look.

  1. Big round and fancy coffee table 

A round coffee table nearby your refrigerator with floral table décor alongwith glass windows in front will refine your entire zone and even make your chit-chats more splendid. You can also place matching coasters and some books on the table to make the space cosier.