Bethenny Frankel Buys a Lot of Home Decor, but These Affordable Stores Are Her Faves

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Bethenny Frankel has never listened to a podcast before, so, naturally, she decided to launch one of her own. “Everyone said I should listen to other ones, but I don’t want to have a preconceived notion of what successful people are doing and end up with something similar,” she says of her new venture, Just B With Bethenny Frankel. “I don’t like anything derivative.” 

Out now, Just B features interviews with notable figures like Mark Cuban, Bozoma Saint John, Maria Shriver, and Paris Hilton, mixed with the biting humor fans loved from Frankel’s eight-year tenure on The Real Housewives of New York. “This podcast is all me,” she says. “There’s no filler, no foreplay—we get right to the act.”

Her M.O. is untraditional for some of her splashy guests, who are used to knowing what they’re getting into ahead of time. “No one gets the questions in advance,” she says. “I don’t want anything canned. I’m not plowing through questions that are easy to answer—we’re having a conversation. I want to know what dating is like, if you’re lonely, if you feel like your age matters, what work ethic means to you, what it’s like to raise a rich child when you came from nothing…they’re not typical questions.” 

Unsurprisingly, Frankel’s style is working: “People are revealing things for the first time. I’m hearing things I’ve never heard Mark Cuban, Andy Cohen, or Paris Hilton say out loud.” Frankel hopes Just B inspires listeners to apply the wisdom and lessons learned to their own lives. 

And if there’s anything we’ve come to learn about Frankel as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, author, and producer, it’s that she doesn’t do anything half-assed. “One high-profile guest told me it was the best interview they’ve ever done,” she says.

Frankel took a break between recording sessions to share what else she’s into these days for the latest installment of Your Fave’s Faves.

The app that I like so much I invested in it

I’m an early investor in Cameo and have been in two rounds of their funding. I also use the platform. It’s a really nice way to connect with people. It’s such a feel-good place—you can wish people a happy birthday, congratulations on their marriage or anniversary. It’s all about good intentions.

What I’m reading right now

I’m reading Bright, Precious Days by Jay McInerney. It was on my bookshelf out in the Hamptons, and lately I’ve been reading things that I have in my house. I also love to read anything about business and businesspeople. I love learning how their minds work, how they make decisions, how they don’t settle for no, and how yes is the answer. I want to read Howard Schultz’s book next. I just love what he does.

“Bright, Precious Days” by Jay McInerney

$17.00, Amazon


The shows I’m watching with my daughter

I watch everything with my daughter, Bryn. She loves Stranger Things and Outer Banks, so we watched those together, and now we’re watching Glee. I also really like Ozark, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Queen of the South. But I really am always with Bryn, so we watch shows that are okay for her that I would also enjoy—it’s not like I’m watching The Muppet Babies.

How I spoil my dogs, Biggy and Smallz

We spoil them all day, every day. Bryn and I have voices and roles for them. We give them names and come up with these fictitious lives for them. We snuggle with them all the time, dress them up, take pictures of them…we even get in their beds! We are obsessed with these dogs. Bryn doesn’t want to go anywhere unless we take them with us—she puts them on her paddle board and skateboard. They’re her best friends. They’re midlevel, average-intelligence dogs that are the most loving beings that ever lived.

My last big purchase

I buy a lot of home decor. I love CB2, Jonathan Adler, Article, Lulu and Georgia, Room & Board, and Urban Zen. Wayfair has got it going on—they’re like the Amazon of furniture, and even Amazon has good furniture now too. There are very interesting places to find different pieces now. I’ve been into furniture for the last seven years, ever since I first renovated an apartment. I got the bug. I love finding really downtrodden places, having a vision, and doing the work to renovate.

The self-care products I can’t live without

When you’re in a pandemic, you want to do something to get the garbage out of your skin. I really like Glamglow’s Supermud mask and Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, which is an amazing exfoliant. I like the scent of Tata Harper’s beautifying face oil. At night, if I’m feeling luxurious, I’ll put on a La Prairie brightening mask. 

The fragrance that makes me feel beautiful

I like Frédéric Malle and Tom Ford fragrances. Most of Frédéric Malle’s fragrances are unisex, and my favorites are Portrait of a Lady, Carnal Flower, and Lys Mediterranee. He has a new one, Geranium Pour Monsieur, that I’d like to get. Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid and Oud Wood are also great.

Frédéric Malle Portrait of a Lady Parfum Spray

$255.00, Nordstrom


Tom Ford Oud Wood

$250.00, Tom Ford


The dishes I’ve been cooking lately

I like to make a lot of different, interesting salads. I’ve also been making cauliflower pizza a lot lately. I also like to make comfort foods like pasta with truffles and mushrooms, a good skillet-charred steak, and baked potatoes.

The best, best sunscreen

Supergoop makes a small SPF 50 spray oil that I love, because you’re not glopping it all over yourself.

Supergoop! Glow Oil Spf 50

$38.00, Supergoop!


My travel outfit must

I have the Gucci slides in every color—I probably own 20 pairs. They’re perfect for the airport because they’re like slippers, so your feet won’t hurt, but they’re still fashionable and cute.

My perfect jeans

Skinnygirl jeans are the best. They’re comfortable, but they look skintight and mold to your body. I love the pair with a tuxedo stripe down the side, and one with a shark-bite hem. I also really like the studded and faded, edgy pairs.

Skinnygirl Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans With White Stripe (Plus Size)

$100.00, Skinnygirl


Skinnygirl Skinny Jeans With Shark-Bite Hem (Plus-Size)

$100.00, Skinnygirl


The cutest—but comfiest—shoes

The No. 6 clogs are as if a clog and an Ugg boot got married. They have fur inside, so when you slip them on, it feels like you’re wearing Uggs, but you can still get away with wearing them to lunch with jeans and a sweater and look really cute. I always want to be wearing them.

Caitlin Brody is the entertainment director at Condé Nast.

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