Bloomberg ‘Awards’ C8 Corvette Worst Interior of the Year Honors

Table of Contents1 While everyone else praises the C8 Corvette cabin, one news site throws

C8 Corvette Stingray

While everyone else praises the C8 Corvette cabin, one news site throws serious shade on the entire design.

Ever since the C8 Corvette debuted, we’ve yet to find one critical or negative review regarding the latest generation of GM’s legendary sports car. That is, until now. While everyone else on earth seemingly loves the C8’s revised interior, Bloomberg apparently feels much differently. In fact, they went so far as to name the new Corvette’s cabin one of the “worst car interiors of the year,” which seems a bit extreme.

Bloomberg preempts their critical review by saying that the C8 is “not a bad car,” and notes that it’s “among the most athletic, fun-to-drive vehicles on the market today.” Regardless, they claim that the Corvette’s interior is “likely to leave you feeling stressed, confused, or disappointed.” All we can say is – there’s a first time for everything, and a critic born every minute. But let’s dive into what supposedly makes the C8’s cabin such a let down.

C8 Corvette Interior

Bloomberg admits that their take on the C8 Corvette is going to be polarizing, but they use the same word to describe its interior. They aren’t fans of the big button-laden divider in the center, which they say is “covered in low-grade leather” and looks like something more at home on a spaceship from Star Trek.

C8 Corvette Interior

Bloomberg feels like this great divide results in a cabin with “no flow, no fluidity, in the space between the driver and passenger.” They feel like it makes reaching the infotainment screen impossible while driving, and that the overall design is a big departure from what every other automaker is doing these days.

C8 Corvette Interior

And that isn’t the only gripe. Bloomberg hates the square steering wheel, saying it “looks as if it were borrowed from Buick.” They don’t like the fact that every single button and screen is positioned toward the driver. And they feel like the C8 Corvette severely lacks in the visibility department, a common argument with pretty much all modern sports cars.

2020 Corvette Interior

It’s an interesting take, for sure, and one that we haven’t heard echoed anywhere else. In fact, most have heaped praise on the design of the C8’s interior, though many admit the steering wheel does take some getting used to. But as always, design is highly subjective, so we aren’t terribly surprised that at least one person in the world doesn’t care for new Corvette’s cabin. But for now, at least, they literally might be the only ones who feel that way.

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