Coles Kitchen Census data reveals why we love mum’s meals

Few things are better than mum’s home cooking and the kitchen is a place where

Few things are better than mum’s home cooking and the kitchen is a place where traditions and family connections can be passed from one generation to the next.

And new Coles Kitchen Census data has found that traditional Aussie food values are just as relevant today as they were 100 years ago.

Mum’s recipes are still our favourites, with 42 per cent of the 5500 Coles customers polled saying childhood memories of food play an important role in how they cook today, while 50 per cent say it’s family members or close friends.

“Our research shows Australians cherish sharing a meal with friends and family and they want to support Aussie farmers, food producers and their local community,” Coles chief marketing officer Lisa Ronson said.

Tarni Witts cooks by taste and tradition, just like her mother and grandmother.

She uses treasured recipes from her childhood, including tuna casserole once served after cold nights of netball training and a crustless quiche by her mum Denise that was impossible to resist.

“Only she can get the eggs as fluffy as she does and the base so perfectly brown,” Ms Witts said.

“It’s a simple meal that mum has perfected and now I have customised it with the ingredients that my kids eat.”

Ms Witts said her boys Lohkie, 6, and Hudson, 5, have expressed much interest in the kitchen and will pick up the family recipes soon enough.

“It’s important to teach them the benefits of healthy and delicious home cooked meals,” she said.

“I love knowing that in years to come, my boys will be able to take on active roles as husbands that can cook for their families.”

The launch of the Coles Kitchen Census coincides with the company’s new Value the Australian Way campaign, which will feature a special appearance and music sung by Missy Higgins.

“It’s been a tough year for lots of Aussies and it’s great to see Coles backing great Indigenous Australian talents like Stephen Pigram, who wrote this tune and Yirrŋa Yunupiŋu with whom I dueted on the track,” she said

Celebrity chef and Coles ambassador Curtis Stone is also involved in the campaign.

“It’s wonderful to see that a significant proportion of Aussies value the same approach when shopping and cooking at home, with many of us favouring locally grown, responsibly sourced food,” he said.

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