Home interior decor tips: Ideas on designing a space for mindful living

A home needs to inspire our minds, nourish our souls and be a space that

A home needs to inspire our minds, nourish our souls and be a space that is us and the us we want to be. Here are a few tips by home interior decor experts on designing a space for mindful living

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

Sustainability and old-school methods are not only timeless but also the core focus of home interior decor experts today as consumers too are giving utmost importance to functionality over the utilitarian purpose of the furniture piece. A furniture piece is something that you spend the most time on and hence it should only be made after knowing the requirement and need of that furniture piece while incorporating ergonomics and connecting elegance and comfort with human behaviour, is what it takes to give a home an emotional value and a captivating look, in terms of design.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Siddharth Sirohi, Founder of Baro Design, encouraged design based on bringing awareness into the present moment and using design as a tool to act as reminders to bring our awareness back into the now. According to Srila Chatterjee, Founder of Baro Market and Co-Founder of 47-A, “It is really important that we all embrace the essence of what conscious living is. True design needs to aim at using materials as simple and ordinary as possible, in the pursuit of creating something extraordinary. Making the most of existing resources, sourcing ethically and minimising waste must be the foundation of all good design that seeks to be considered sustainable. Embracing collaborations and allowing the best possible solutions and expertise at every stage is the way forward. To be able to be true to your conscience with whatever you design is what eventually will answer to conscious living.”

Adding to the list of tips on designing a space for mindful living, Reshma Chhabria, Founder and Creative Head of H II H, said, “A conscious home is first a space that reflects who we are. Our environment affects every aspect of our life. When we live better, we feel better and hence, do better. When spaces are designed consciously, they can improve our well-being and deepen our connection to the world around us. A home needs to inspire our minds, nourish our souls and be a space that is us and the us we want to be. In order to design consciously we need to first understand who we are, being observant to the spaces that bring us peace and happiness and weave elements from those spaces while designing your space.”

She advised, “Make your space beautiful, i.e. your personal definition of beautiful. Surround yourself with colours, lighting and material that bring you a sense of joy and consciousness. Small pieces of accessories that tell stories which not only adds beauty to your space but improves the quality of life. Surrounding yourself with décor products and elements which we find alluring and lift our spirits and brighten our day. Strive to discover your own definition of beauty and bring that charming energy into your home. As you continue to discover themes that reflect your character and interests, personalising your living space becomes easy. Buy art that moves you, that stirs you when you see it. Collect things from your travels and incorporate them into your design. Choose items that tell stories about who you are and what you cherish.”

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