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a view of a building: Here's how you can become an interior designer.

Here’s how you can become an interior designer.

In the last decade, we have seen a significant rise in the demand of interior designers in India. One can say that after the rise of brands like Gauri Khan or Twinkle Khanna, Interior designing has been given a whole new audience. Now, the question is ‘What is an interior design and who is an interior designer?’ Interior designing is the art of designing a space and how do we experience it.

The interior designers work closely with the architects. A strong misconception cloud many aspiring entrants to this field, and that is it is about “Decorating a place” which is NOT. Interior designers help in planning out the layout of an establishment that can be a house, office, or any other commercial complex in such a manner that the area at hand is utilised in the best possible way. Further, they help in the structure, colour scheme, furnishing, and decoration of their establishment.

It is high time we talk about facts and ways to access this field of study to curate a career for youngsters.

Education Qualification required to become an interior designer

  • Anyone can be an Interior Designer. Students pursuing Science, IT, Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Mathematics take this up as their career.
  • A Strong built-in sense of aesthetics is required since it is about a good looking environment as well.
  • A 10 +2 is a basic requirement in any medium.
  • Graduate students from Commerce, Engineering, and Medicine can also pursue it.

How to apply in Design Schools:

  • Nowadays reputed Indian Design schools hold workshops in schools. Students must lookout for such opportunities as these workshops help provide insight into Creative fields. Interior Design is one such strong field of study.
  • For those who have NO IDEA, they must search on Google for terms like INTERIOR DESIGN INSTITUTES IN INDIA, followed by their city name like Lucknow, Raipur, New Delhi, Chandigarh, etc. This search will open a new section in the browser for a list of Institutes in your city or any other city you wish to study.
  • The final search would be Best Interior Design Institutes in India. This will complete your search, and then you decide as per the budget, curriculum, and infrastructure, etc.
  • After shortlisting the names, every Institute has a website and Alumni page.
  • It is advised to talk to Alumni and find out the way an Institute is operating, also if they are functioning the same way as projecting.
  • Find the FACTS about INFRASTRUCTURES as listed by them.
  • Find out about the Faculties who are teaching and the consistencies of the same.
  • Frequent shuffling of Faculties is not a good sign of any Academic setup.
  • Talk to Alumni of those institutes who are working in the industry. That gives an insight into what is the level of preparation of the students who pass out and how are they gauged by the industry.

Facts and TIPS for Aspiring Interior Designers:

  • Interior Design in NOT Decoration. It is much more than that.
  • A lot of basic Mathematics is required along with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography.
  • It has a strong technical side to it, which is applied to Create Design.
  • One can learn techniques of balance, harmony, etc but a strong Aesthetic sense is required to be successful in terms of design and presentation.
  • A lot of reading, sketching and tireless dedication are required when NO ONE is watching you.
  • Global trends and practices need to be followed.
  • A strong sense of pride in Indianness is needed to procreate globally accepted Indian Design.
  • Hard work outside the office cannot be ruled out.
  • Designers have to toil hard outside to achieve what they wish.
  • Working in workshops or factories must come naturally, as it cannot be ruled out.
  • Last but most important:” Forget who you were, think who wish to be “

Survival in Indian Ecosystem

Indian Interior Design as an Institution has been heavily dominated by Architects. This has been due to the absence of a set of Countrywide base line for this field, which is a multi billion industry. Sadly underestimated.

Indian Institute of Interior Design (IIID) platform for Interior Designer in India is now working on the same and bring this field to a professionally recognized one.

All practicing Interior Designers and students of Interior Design need to be a member of this Organization in India.

To stay afloat in the current scenario, the current crop of Interior Designers should:

  • Document their profiles and Project images with watermarks to prevent unfair copying of the work.
  • Document the Agreements between the client and the professional with help of a lawyer.
  • Having a strong Timeline based on commitment and transparent work ethics works forever.
  • All shortcuts can lead to some faux pas as this field is vast in terms of material applications, design applications, and workability.

(Authored by Ms. Sushmita Singh, Interior Designer)

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