I’m a cleaning expert – two easy hacks will leave your bathroom sparkling & make it so much easier

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MAKE your bathroom the cleanest spot in your home.

One cleaning expert has posted a video sharing two quick and easy tricks that will leave your powder room sparkling.


One cleaning expert shared how to make your bathroom sparkle in just two easy stepsCredit: Tik Tok / aestheticallyinhome


Combine fabric conditioner and water to keep dust off bathroom surfacesCredit: Tik Tok / aestheticallyinhome


Nobody wants to use a bathroom covered in layers of dust.

Unfortunately, the warm, humid air that comes along with hot showers causes dust to build up in the bathroom.

“Fabric conditioner and water keep dust away,” said the expert.

In a bowl, she combined the water and conditioner together.

She then soaked a rag in the mixture and used it to wipe off any dusty surfaces.


The expert’s next trick makes cleaning go by in a breeze.

The cleaner filled a dish wand up with a cleaning product to easily apply it around the bathroom.

Rather than pouring cleaner over the shower, bathtub, or sink, you can just squeeze the button on the dish wand and the detergent will release as you scrub.

Dish wands similar to the one the expert used can be found on Amazon for just about $3.

But dish wands can get even more convenient.

Instead of scheduling time to clean your bathroom, just leave the wand on the shower shelf.

Now, next time you’re in the shower, you can grab the wand and get to scrubbing while you shampoo.


Fill a dish wand with your favorite cleaning productCredit: Tik Tok / aestheticallyinhome


Use the dish wand to clean sinks, showers, and bathtubsCredit: Tik Tok / aestheticallyinhome

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