Is minimalist decor a new thing for a decluttered life? Here are a few tricks to clear your living space

If you’re someone who loves hoarding stuff, is a compulsive buyer and craves a need

If you’re someone who loves hoarding stuff, is a compulsive buyer and craves a need to re-decorate empty spaces only to regret it later, here are some ways to minimize all that and simplify your life for a mindful living space.


In order to stop feeling anxious, you need to declutter your house, organize them and add only the essentials. The benefits of decluttering your house are many as it often leads to decluttering your mind in return. You feel more in control of your possessions, and less stressed. Here are a few ways to declutter your house and get rid of all the unwanted stuff that doesn’t belong to your house.

1. Buy more plants than furniture

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A simple step to declutter your house is by actually buying less furniture, getting rid of the old ones and replacing it with more house plants. This way, you’ll feel more relaxed, calm and composed. Plants are said to release more endorphins in your brain and hence, produce more positivity in the house.


2. Paint Your Walls


Instead of purchasing wall hangings and wasting money, you can simply use your skills and art to paint walls and draw subtle murals that will amplify your room and make it look simple. You can also add fairy lights to make it look more elegant.


3. Donate clothes that you never wear

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Now, this should be a part of your monthly routine while cleaning your room. We always have too many clothes and still feel the need to buy more. Start by decluttering your wardrobe and donate clothes that you never wear to the needy ones. 


4. Get rid of all the unnecessary beauty products


The trick to this is, buy one makeup product that will serve all purposes. You can reduce one step in your skincare or makeup routine. Some products that you own may not be of any use and they must be lying in your drawer for months, simply get rid of them!


5. Throw away all the expired canned food


How many times do you do a thorough check of all the food items lying in the kitchen, on your dining table, or in your refrigerator? Check their expiry date and throw them in the trash can before you or anyone else in the house gets diarrhea.


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