Nixa Public High School having more issues with bathroom vandalism

NIXA, Mo. (KY3) – Nixa Public High School is having more problems with vandalism in

NIXA, Mo. (KY3) – Nixa Public High School is having more problems with vandalism in the bathrooms after a Tik Tok trend encouraging users to vandalize restrooms.

Nixa School administrators said there were roughly $7,000 in damages to bathrooms and $3,000 in repairs at Nixa High School. Parent Lindsay Wheeler said she want this to be the end.

“It affects all the students rather than just the few that are making the choices to vandalize,” said Wheeler. “It affects them all and that’s frustrating.

Nixa High School previously had to get rid of its soap dispensers at the beginning of the year. When they returned, more damage to the bathroom happened. Zac Rantz, Communications officer for Nixa Public Schools, said the school made stricter changes.

“They are lockable soap dispenser cases,” said Rantz. “So to where the other ones were just like kind of your normal standard industrial plastic ones, these actually have a cover that goes on and locks.”

Rantz said these new soap dispenser cages and facet repairs are in response to more damage done by students. Wheeler said she is fed up.

“As much as you want the school to just be able to fix it, it’s not something that can be fixed overnight,” said Wheeler. “There’s a population of students that continually make bad choices.”

Rantz said when repairs happen they have to move around money and this ultimately comes from taxpayers.

“We also encourage our students and our parents to talk to their peers or talk to their kids about, let’s not do this,” said Rantz. “So it’s not just your property, it’s not yours, and it also impacts other people just outside of you.”

Nixa administrators said the soap dispenser cages are there to stay for upcoming big events but hope they don’t have to build anymore.

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