Rotherham man builds back garden ‘Furlough Inn’ with holiday money

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Karl Heath in his bar, The Furlough Inn

image captionInside is a soft seating area with bar, fridges, optics, dart board, TV and even lights and a disco ball

A man has spent his cancelled holiday money building a pub in his back garden while on furlough.

Karl Heath, 50, from Rotherham, said he “always wanted to build a pub” so built the Furlough Inn as “something to do”.

He said: “Our holiday this year got cancelled and I needed a project on furlough so I used the money to build a pub in the garden.”

Mr Heath, his wife, sons and friends take it in turns to go to the bar in small groups at weekends.

image caption…and outside is a pergola and decking with soft seating, hot tub and lights

The outside space has soft seating, lights and a hot tub on decking under the pergola, while inside is a bar with fridges and drinks, snacks, a TV and seating, and a dart board. There is even a disco ball above the door.

It took less than three months to build and cost about £3,000.

“I said to my wife I need something to do,” Mr Heath, a manufacturing supervisor, said.

“I just planned it in my head and it’s worked out exactly how I wanted. Everyone loves it, they think it’s fantastic.”

image captionMr Heath’s father-in-law gave him his collection of pub paraphernalia – like these Babycham deer – from his own pub days

For now only small groups of friends and family can use the Furlough Inn, but Mr Heath said: “When covid’s all done and gone we’ll have a big party with all our friends and family.”

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Others who have created their own pubs during lockdown include Jim Sangwell from Essex who installed a bar, stools and DJ decks in his shed.

image copyright@Freds_bar_punshed

image captionJim Sangwell live-streams DJ sets from his Essex shed to his friends, but said it’s not as fun without real people

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