Roy Exum: My Garden This May

With our water table five inches above average, my plants are lush and green as

With our water table five inches above average, my plants are lush and green as I take my monthly walk through my garden in search of orchids and onions. Sure enough, I’ve got an ample supply of both so here we go …

AN ORCHID to Colorado Rockies’ shortstop Jose Iglesias who, seconds after Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera got his 3,000 hit last weekend, broke from position to congratulate “Miggy” and give him the prized baseball. Cabrera becomes the 33rd major leaguer to have 3,000 career hits and is the seventh with more than 500 home runs.

AN ONION to the Washington State Legislature for recently passing a bill replacing the word “marijuana” with “cannabis” in all state laws. The bill cited the alleged racist origins of the Spanish word, and said the change would heal “the wrongs committed against black and brown people around cannabis.” I kid you not.

AN ORCHID to the Lookout Mountain Conservancy and another to Volkswagen after VW gave the organization a $100,000 donation in support of its land conservation through education and recreation.

AN ONION to the Times Free Press, which has revealed its daily print editions will cease on May 16. In two weeks the newspaper will go digital every day but Sunday. Ugh.

AN ORCHID to the belief COVID-19 is no longer a considered a “pandemic.” To date, 993,164 Americans have died from the coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins, and a full two-thirds of us have now been totally vaccinated. That’s 574,232,736 doses given to 219,483,386 Americans.

AN ORCHID along with an effusive thank-you note to every contestant in Tuesday’s Primary election. Whether it is a blue or red orchid matters not – thanks to each candidate for wanting to make a difference.

AN ONION to anyone who claims, “My vote won’t make a difference” … your participation most certainly will.

AN ORCHID to Cole Strange, the UTC football player just drafted in the first round by the New England Patriots.

AN ONION to the negative political ads that were injected into the race for county mayor.

AN ORCHID to Tim James, a 1980 graduate at Baylor who is running for governor of Alabama. Tim’s dad, Fob, also attended Baylor and was Alabama’s governor twice, the first time as a Democrat and the second time as a Republican.

AN ONION for the fact 221,303 illegal immigrants were detained at our Southern borders in March – the highest number in the last 20 years.

AN ORCHID to Don Smith at the Sun & Shade Garden Center in Tiftonia, who has the prettiest flowers this spring that I can remember.

AN ONION to the city of Chicago, where there have been 872 human beings shot within the city limits in the first four months of this year, 186 fatally. That’s a murder every 15½ hours and a shooting every three hours and 18 seconds. And – what? — we are sending billions to Ukraine to finance its war? What about Chicago where 76 percent of the victims are black and 17 percent are Hispanic?

AN ORCHID to CHI Memorial Hospital after getting approval for a facility in Ringgold.

AN ONION  for the sobering news there has been a 43 percent increase in police shootings since last year.

AN ORCHID to the outcry in San Diego where honors classes have been cancelled for “equity purposes.” That’s right, instead of challenging our best and brightest we dumb them down so the dummies won’t have their feelings hurt. Equity really matters!

AN ONION to the hundreds of “Help Wanted” signs that speak volumes about those who bilk the system.

AN ORCHID for every child who remembers that Sunday is Mother’s Day.

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