Here’s The Interior That Acura Hopes Will Help The New MDX Stand Out

We’ve got new generations of the Mercedes-Benz GLS, Mercedes GLA, Nissan Rogue and Ford Explorer, in addition to entirely new cars like the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Genesis GV80 and Ford Bronco, so a new fourth-generation Acura MDX arrives in the face of plentiful competition. I’m probably forgetting a lot of others! Sheesh, do automakers ever know where the money is.

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This blog, specifically, is about the MDX, new photos of which Acura released this week. The images show an updated interior for a vehicle that Acura says is intended to be its flagship. The 2021 MDX prototype — what the production version will look like more or less — will debut in full next week. But with the interior photos we get a glimpse of Acura’s next play in a very, very crowded marketplace, where every automaker seems determined to show off their newest Sunday best.

The MDX’s competitors are cars like the BMW X5, Audi Q7, Infiniti QX60 and Mercedes GLE, two of which — the X5 and GLE — were also updated in the past couple of years. You’d almost think that automakers know what really sells in the American marketplace.

Acura sold 52,019 MDXs last year, a 1 percent improvement over 2018. And while that number will probably shrink for 2020 because of (gestures to everything), it will probably still sell enough to be Acura’s second biggest seller in the U.S., behind the RDX, its little brother, as it was last year. The MDX will also get, as is necessary, some new interior tech that you will instantly forget:

Signature Acura technologies debuting in the new MDX Prototype will include the Acura Precision Cockpit™ all-digital driver’s meter, an ultra-wide full-HD center display and a next-level, 25-speaker “Signature Edition” ELS Studio 3D® premium audio system

Acura teases the 2021 MDX’s interior just ahead of its reveal

Acura is teasing its upcoming next-generation MDX via some photos of the interior with lots of pretty colours.

The brand has already given us a small teaser of the exterior via a YouTube video, showing that the new MDX will borrow styling from Acura’s new S-Type sedan, which means more pronounced creases and more machismo.

Acura says the new MDX’s interior will be the “most premium and performance-focused” version of the SUV, and that it earned its “elevated status” as the brand’s flagship. Previously, the RLX was the brand’s “flagship,” but after Acura only sold 1,000 units, it got demoted.

Apparently Acura will reveal the MDX “Prototype,” but we’re guessing it’s going to look almost exactly like the production version. However, it won’t look anything like these photos in real life, mainly because you won’t have a team of people carrying around neon lights every where you go to make your MDX look good.

But what you will get in real life is three rows of seating, including second-row captain’s chairs. All seats feature quilted contrast stitching, and the front seats get a massage function. The dashboard also receives an upgrade in the form of “hand-wrapped” French seams.

The car is set to be revealed on October 14, where we’ll get a better look at the interior without all the pretty lights.

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2021 Acura MDX new interior design teased in latest video

The 2021 Acura MDX will debut in prototype form next week October 14, but that’s not stopping Acura from releasing a teaser video of the next-gen MDX’s classy, new interior. Acura’s flagship SUV is a solid contender in the three-row, seven-seat luxury segment, but the outgoing third-gen MDX’s lackluster interior is unworthy of praise.

All of that changes in the fourth-gen 2021 Acura MDX. Destined to arrive in North America by early or mid-2021, Acura claims its newest MDX is the most premium (i.e. the most luxurious) and highest-performing seven-seat SUV in the carmaker’s history. According to Acura, the incoming MDX prototype is worthy of becoming a flagship model with a fine blend of innovative design, better premium materials, and a bevy of class-leading tech features.

Based on Acura’s latest teaser video, the new MDX’s cabin is a sight to behold. The vehicle has a new Acura Precision Cockpit featuring a fully digital instrument display. Meanwhile, the central tunnel is home to a new drive mode feature, while the dashboard is flanked by a new HD infotainment system. The wider and lower instrument panel is accentuated by hand-wrapped leather, French stitching, and open-pore wood accents.

It’s hard to miss those new perforated Acura sport seats which, according to Acura, features a more sculpted form and quilted stitching in all three rows. The seats are also wider than before, while the front massaging seats will melt the stress away as you drive. Driving music is courtesy of an ELS Studio 3D ‘Signature Edition’ audio system with 25 speakers. Also new in the MDX is LED interior ambient lighting.

It all looks mightily good from our perspective. With its new exterior design and a brand spanking new interior, the 2021 Acura MDX is upping the ante against its main competitors like the

The 2021 Acura MDX’s Luxed-Up Interior Teased Before the Full Unveil

Despite the fact that its exterior design likely leaked earlier this year, we recently got our first teaser for the upcoming Acura MDX Prototype. It looks longer, leaner, and sharper than ever before. Now we’re being treated to a look at the MDX Prototype’s new interior, and the striking new design is clearly a shot at the big luxury brands.

a close up of a car: 2022 Acura MDX Interior 3

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2022 Acura MDX Interior 3

The most obvious changes are the brand new driver’s area, the addition of a fully digital driver’s display that the brand is calling the Acura Precision Cockpit, and a brand new central tunnel that contains a drive mode selector much like the one found in the NSX supercar. Another massive screen sits atop the dashboard, revealing a reworked infotainment system that’s more elegant than before.

Other photos reveal the new look to the seats. There’s now more detailing in the way of contrasting stitching and piping, as well as intricate quilting. It also looks like there are tiny holes for seat ventilation, too. The leather with the contrasting piping continues into the second (and perhaps even the third) row of the new MDX.

Lastly there’s a look at a brand new, 25-speaker ELS Studio 3D audio system. It features LED lights behind the speaker grilles, similar to the high-end systems from Mercedes-Benz and BMW. All in all, it looks like the MDX is going seriously upmarket, signaling Acura’s ambition to double down on both luxury and performance. The new MDX Prototype will be fully unveiled on October 14th, so stay tuned for everything you need to know about the next big SUV from Acura.

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Acura MDX teaser photos show an upscale interior

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After teasing us with an exterior image of the fourth-generation Acura MDX a week ago, Acura has now followed up with images of the interior. The exterior teaser was done up in “Tron” style, but these interior shots go beyond outlines to reveal some details that are much less obscured.

Acura promises the MDX will be the “most premium and performance-focused” version of the SUV yet and has earned “elevated status” as the brand’s flagship. (Only about 1,000 of the RLX were sold in North America last year, vs. 52,000 of the MDX, so it seems the big sedan got demoted as flagship. Aw.)

The MDX’s instrument panel is lower and wider, Acura says, and the interior is trimmed out in real open-pore wood. The leather dash is “hand-wrapped” with French seams. All three rows of seating surfaces are quilted, with perforations done in a gradated design, and there is contrasting piping and stitching. Massaging front seats add to the premium experience.

Acura promises a variety of new technologies in the cabin, including what it calls the Acura Precision Cockpit, along with a mighty wide-looking HD infotainment screen and Acura’s dynamic ELS Studio 3D sound system with 25 speakers. (Where do they put them all?)

After Acura did great things with the RDX and the new 2021 TLX, we expect the MDX redesign will follow suit in reinvigorating the brand. The MDX will likely offer the same engines as in the TLX: a 272-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder as the base engine, and a 355-horsepower turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine as an option. But we should know more about all of the above when the prototype Acura MDX — albeit a very-near-production prototype — will be revealed next Wednesday, Oct. 14. 

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