Hotel Chinzanso’s Japanese garden is about to get even more magical with artificial fog

A dramatic fog is drifting through the garden of Hotel Chinzanso this month, transforming the Japanese landscape into a mysterious vista. The phenomenon isn’t a regular occurrence at the hotel, which is situated in the heart of Tokyo, but part of a special event for its guests to experience unkai in the city. 

Hotel Chinzanso
Photo: Hotel Chinzanso

Unkai refers to the early morning fog or low-rise clouds that, when viewed from above, resemble a ‘sea of clouds’. These clouds can be found year-round if you’re at a high enough altitude, but reach peak visibility in autumn and winter.

Hotel Chinzanso

If you were climbing mountains just to see unkai, you’d have to be up at the crack of dawn to catch them in time. The artificial clouds at Hotel Chinzanso, however, are released throughout the day from morning to late night, so you can sleep in and still enjoy the spectacular view in the afternoon. And it gets better: after dark, 1,000 lights are lit up around the garden to illuminate the scenery and the property’s stunning three-storey pagoda. 

Hotel Chinzanso
Photo: Hotel Chinzanso

The garden is free to visit, but it’s only open to hotel guests, who can roam around the premises at their leisure. If you’re not staying the night, just dine at any of the hotel restaurants, or opt for the themed dinner at the garden terrace for a grand view of the spectacle. From October 8 to October 31, a French dinner course will be served at the garden terrace for ¥10,000. The menu includes a selection of appetisers, steak fondue and dessert; champagne, mulled wine and free-flowing drinks are included in the price. 

Before you go out, check out our guide on going out safely in Tokyo and Japan.


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Artificial plants and flowers for home decor

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Nearly Natural Mix Greens Artificial Plant in Planter

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When selecting faux plants and flowers for your home, look for real-looking trunks and stems first. These are the foundations of a plant and flower, so if they look fake, it’s hard to recover. It may sound counterintuitive, but the leaves should also appear imperfect, much like those on real plants and flowers. Once you’ve made your pick, place it in a nice-looking pot or container and the sharp package will have everyone fooled.

The following are some of the most real-looking faux plants and flowers that will never go out of style.

Faux Eucalyptus Stem by Hearth & Hand With Magnolia ($3.99;

This eucalyptus plant’s broad leaves reach out from a sturdy stem in a natural arch, plus they’re flexible enough that you can adjust them to your liking without damaging the plant. A staple at many spas and resorts, this faux version adds a touch of Zen on its own but can be grouped in multiples for a fuller look.

Threshold Artificial Fern Arrangement in White Ceramic Pot (14.99;