Ashland Community Kitchen provides help to those in need

ASHLAND, Ky. (AP) — Judith Little stood outside The Neighborhood in Ashland on Thursday, waiting for a ride back to her apartment. She had come specifically to the Ashland Community Kitchen, with the hope of getting one of the boxes of food it gives out once a month. She was not disappointed, and said that all of the people she has met at The Neighborhood are good people and very helpful.

“I get their food boxes every time I can,” Little said. “They are real good about it, and they have a thing going on about seniors. If you are a senior, they have senior boxes with a lot of food in them. They have helped me a lot,” Little said. “And I come over here and eat during the week when they serve food, too,” she said.

Little said the food boxes go a long way for her toward helping ends meet. She has lived in Ashland for five years, and for the first six months of that time she was homeless, she said. But the network of organizations at The Neighborhood has helped her overcome that.

“Without them I would be on the streets,” she said. “But they helped me get an apartment, and helped with other things. They have been really good for me,” Little said. “God works in mysterious ways, and you have to have faith.”

Dr. Desmond Barrett, executive director of the kitchen, said the community box program was born from a desire to help families and those who are struggling to help make ends meet at the end of the month.

“In our program, we have been serving nearly 40 years in the soup kitchen, where we have been helping the homeless and anyone truly in need,” Barrett said. “And we have been serving