2020 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Interior Driveway Test

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It seems safe to say that Lincoln has finally managed to brush of its “fancy Ford” reputation. Nothing illustrates this better than Black Label, Lincoln’s range-topping trim level that elevates its various models’ style, status and, of course, price. We recently found ourselves with a 2020 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring (the plug-in hybrid) in Black Label trim, and decided it was time for a deeper look at what this trim gives you in Lincoln’s three-row crossover.

In case you’re new to Black Label, you’ll need to know that Lincoln organizes the options into “themes.” For the Aviator, you have the choice of Flight (tan and black), Destination (a deep red featured in our Black Label Interior Tour video), and the Chalet (brown and cream) theme fitted to our test car. Here’s how Lincoln describes it: “Chalet offers Espresso and Alpine Savannah leathers and deep Silverwood appliqués, with touches designed to awaken the senses.”

The colors and trims used are supposed to remind of long weekends in the Swiss Alps. It’s all a bit colorful and over the top, but Black Label is supposed to be exactly that. Despite being festooned with modern tech and features, the Aviator is remarkably old world in styling. Lincoln isn’t trying to be a sporty American BMW like Cadillac has. Instead, Lincoln created its own identity and brand of American luxury, differentiating itself from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus and others in doing so.

Lincoln put together an interior layout that makes sense and doesn’t alienate older, less tech-inclined buyers (you know, the demographic who not only typically buy Lincolns, but high-priced luxury cars in general). Sure, there’s a big 10-inch touchscreen perched above the air vents, but there are also physical buttons for all your climate controls and audio controls. You