The Birmingham home with luxurious finishes and 3,900 square feet on its two main floors fits like a glove into its narrow but deep lot.


This is a high-end city house — a house that packs luxury finishes and open space onto its narrow 43-foot lot.  

Side to side, this house is slid onto its land like a hand into a glove — snugly. But the lot is 186 feet deep, and both front and back have been made into pleasing outdoor space. 

It has neighborly, sheltered front porch, deep enough for furniture, where the owners like to sit in the evening and watch the cars and dog walkers. It has a compact backyard set up for entertaining with stone paving, outdoor furniture and a handsome fireplace. 

Most significant for a city house, it has a half-mile walk to the attractions of downtown Birmingham.  “There’s a ton of restaurants, shops, the events in Shain Park,”  the owner said. “You can walk to town.” 

A walkable distance into Birmingham, this “city house” fits 3,900 square feet, plus a finished lower level, onto a lot just 43 feet wide. Like its lot, the house is narrow and deep. (Photo: Nev Muftari)

That was a deliberate choice for these owners, who came to the area about two years ago. The kids were grown, and they wanted a site with some bustle. “We wanted city-type living,” the owner said. “We’d done that house in the suburbs with a big yard.” 

On the narrow, deep lot the house also is deep. It packs 3,900 square feet into its two main floors, with rooms lined behind each other and open space