McNab House blossoms with plans for botanical garden

The historic McNab House in Pompano Beach is about to get a makeover. The goal is to make the house into a destination place for residents as well as visitors from around South Florida.


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Nguyen Tran, the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency director, said he sees a lot of potential for a redeveloped McNab House and grounds. The McNab House, originally owned by an early 20th-century farming pioneer family, was built in 1926. It was moved from its original location on Atlantic Boulevard in March when the owners sold the land.

The Pompano Beach CRA, along with the city’s Historical Society, saved the home, moving it several blocks to McNab Park, 2250 E. Atlantic Blvd. The goals for the historic building have taken on a bigger vision under Tran’s guidance.

“The house has been in the McNab family for three generations,” he said. “The house is a huge part of Pompano’s history. This is the major farming family that helped shape what Pompano is today.”

While Tran acknowledged the value of simply preserving the home, he and the city saw even more potential in terms of gaining value for residents and visitors.

“We at the CRA typically don’t get involved in a project, unless it makes business sense for us,” he said. “It’s always about economic impact and projects that drive the economic growth of the area. When we looked at it, we realized that houses like this are very rare to come across.”

Tran said he realized the value of the house transcends just its historical value.

“The inside of the house is beautiful,” he said. “That sort of craftsmanship doesn’t exist anymore. There’s a quaintness that you can’t capture in new construction. So we decided we wanted to try and convert it.”

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