Mum transforms her tiny boring bathroom – and you won’t believe it’s the same room

A mum has revamped her tiny bathroom from boring to beautiful – and people can’t believe it’s the same room.

The upcycling-savvy mum posted the incredible transformation on her Instagram page @prettyprospetcottage – and got hundreds of comments from people who couldn’t believe the difference.

Before the revamp the bathroom was boring and bland with plain beige wall tiles, wooden floo and a cream bathroom suite.

The bathroom after

But after the mum got creative the old bath was ripped out and replaced with a classic freestanding model.

The main wall now has striking navy and gold starburst tile. the floor has funk hexagonal-patterned  linoleum and the walls are covered in slanted white tiles on one wall and tiles and navy paint on another.

Posting on her Instagram page, the mum admitted the bathroom has totally “bewitched” her.

The bathroom before

She said: “I absolutely love our bathroom, if only pups would give me enough space for a long soak in the tub.

“Once it was finished this room had me totally bewitched and everytime I walk passed I take a little moment and just stare at it as, let’s face it, there’s fat chance of me actually having time to soak in here with the growing list of things to do!”

The bathroom after

“The mum won praise for her chic design and for managing to make such a small space have a huge impact.

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Design tips to beat your ‘boring’ home interior

Umay, that nauseating feeling you get when eating the same food over and over again, can also be used to describe your feeling toward your home interior, especially after seeing the same view over and over again for six months. 

As lockdown eases and as people adjust to the new normal way of living, a lot of homeowners now realize the importance of having an interior that’s not only functional, but fun as well. There is a clamor for more “joy” in terms of home interior design as this can ease anxiety, lift your mood, and boost your spirit amid these challenging times. 

Putting “joy” into your interior need not be tedious (you don’t need additional stress!). You don’t even have to spend much or undergo a major renovation just to make your interiors lively and happy once again. It just takes a few tweaks and a lot of creativity, and sometimes professional help, to beat that “boring” home interior. 

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If you’ve already done your share of quarantine renovations and DIY home improvement projects, it’s not impractical to ask for expert advice to “elevate” your interiors. There are companies right now who are offering “online interior styling,” or what they call as the “new normal of interior decorating,” where packages do not involve changing the architecture and finishes of the home, but instead putting interior design and styling solutions to enhance a present living space. 

‘We provide new ways for you to collaborate with designers through a purely online process. We believe everyone deserves a designer home, and we’re trying to curate our shop to have the most beautiful things for just about each unique individual.’

One of these companies is