Hurry up and get 20% off food storage containers for your kitchen

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Food Storage Amazon Deals

  • Get ready for Prime Day by enjoying some quick deals in the week leading up to it.
  • It’s only six days away, as October 13-14 is Prime Day 2020.

You better have your kitchen in order as the holidays are approaching. If you’re going to be having family over (in small quantities we’re sure because of the state of the world currently), you’re still going to want to be prepared. Whether you’re baking pies or cakes, planning on putting together large platters of turkey or pasta, or are just going to go crazy on appetizers, organization is going to be key.

Amazon is helping you get ready for the holidays, and also prepare for one of its biggest holidays as well. Prime Day 2020 is right around the corner, as it’s only six days away. But leading up to the big day, Amazon is throwing out some fantastic deals to reward its loyal customers.

Right now, you can get large food storage containers for a fraction of the cost! Thanks to a coupon for the Vtopmart Large Food Storage Containers, you can enjoy the four-pack for only $22.39! These are perfect for baking supplies, dried goods, cereals, arts and crafts, and more.

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This set comes in multiple sizes, but the one we are highlighting holds 5.2L or 4.7 quarts. These are made from high-grade plastic and come with four measuring cups and 24 labels, so you’ll be able to tell each one of them apart. But they are also transparent, making it simple to see through.

Here is the product information from the Amazon page:

Vtopmart Large Food Storage Containers

  • Make a Huge Difference in Pantry Organization —- If you already got tired of messy

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Conservative critics of South Korea’s government persist in pressing claims of widespread fraud in the country’s April elections, pointing to what they say is new evidence—in the form of alleged electronic distortions and mail-in balloting irregularities—to suggest the country’s ruling party won its majority in the National Assembly with expertise and advice from China.The ongoing controversy comes as U.S. President Donald Trump and his Justice Department claim interference from China, not Russia, is the biggest threat to voting in the U.S. Facebook has already taken down a slew of China-linked pages targeting both Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. (Meanwhile a Department of Homeland Security whistleblower says Trump allies interfered with intelligence reports to downplay Russia’s threat.)Charges of cheating in the South Korea assembly elections gained steam with the publication in May of a lengthy study, “Anomalies and Frauds in the Korea 2020 Parliamentary Election,” by a University of Michigan professor and expert in detecting election fraud, Walter Mebane. “The statistical model,” said Mebane, “offers evidence that fraudulent votes occurred in the election that may have changed some election outcomes.”North Korea Killed South Korean Official and Set Fire to the Body to Prevent COVID Outbreak, Says SeoulYoo Gyeong-joon, former head of Statistics Korea, disagreed with Mebane’s testing, saying he “lacked [an] understanding of the Korean electoral system.” Nonetheless, conservative Korean activists, citing Mebane’s paper, claim as many as 3 million of the 20 million votes cast in April were fraudulent. They are also criticizing mainstream conservative politicians for having accepted the results of those elections in which liberal adherents of President Moon Jae-in won 180 of the 300 assembly seats. Conservatives were left with 103 seats, their lowest showing in 60 years.The voting, they argue,