These Fall “Christmas” Trees Will Convince You to Put Your Tree up Early

Fall just arrived, and now’s the perfect time to spook up your home with Halloween inflatables and giant skeletons. And while you might think it’s way too soon to deck out your home for the holidays, this popular new decor trend will make you want to put up your tree right now. Fall “Christmas” trees are exactly what their name implies—Christmas trees decorated with fall decor.

a living room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table: Featuring colorful autumn leaves, sunflowers, pumpkin ornaments, and cute scarecrows, fall "Christmas" trees will be a festive centerpiece all season long.

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Featuring colorful autumn leaves, sunflowers, pumpkin ornaments, and cute scarecrows, fall “Christmas” trees will be a festive centerpiece all season long.

Hundreds of posts on Instagram with #fallchristmastrees show a variety of trees (small and large) with autumn-themed decorations. Many of them feature colorful autumn leaves, bright sunflowers, orange pumpkin ornaments, and cute scarecrows. As with traditional trees, lots of the trees are topped with something festive like a large bow or a small bouquet of seasonal flowers. Instead of presents, some of the trees have more fall decor at their base, including hay bales and more pumpkins.

The best part? You can keep up your fall “Christmas” tree on display through Thanksgiving because autumn lasts until the end of November. And since you already have your artificial tree up, that’s one less task you’ll have for the holidays. All you have to do is take down the fall decorations to start decking out the tree for Christmas.

Need some help getting started on this festive decor trend? We’ve rounded up the best artificial Christmas trees and autumn decorations to make your very own fall “Christmas” tree. Happy autumn decorating!

The Ultimate Fall Decor Guide for a Holiday Season at Home

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Decorating for fall is one of those simple, inexplicable, and reliable pleasures that has its chance every year, regardless of any trials and tribulations (we’re looking at you, 2020). Richly scented candles and warm-hued throw pillows are particularly attractive around this time, and with the official start of fall already behind us, it’s the moment to pull out the autumnal table runners and throw blankets.

Farah Merhi at home.

Courtesy of Farah Merhi

Farah Merhi, designer, author, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Inspire Me! Home Decor, and the first-ever Designer Looks Style Expert for Value City Furniture, gave Travel + Leisure her tips on styling a home for the season. We’ll all be spending more time indoors over the next few months than we probably have in previous years, so heed her advice and make your space the best it can be for you.

1. A dining table is no longer just a dining table.

“People are rethinking how their living spaces function for them in this new world by investing in quality, comfy, and versatile foundation pieces like dining tables and sectional sofas that meet their new needs,” Merhi says. As we spend more time at home, people are more focused on furniture pieces that make a statement, but will withstand everyday activities that happen at home.”

She adds, “For example, dining tables are no longer being used just for daily meals. Activities like homework, arts and crafts, baking, playing board games, and so on are all happening right at our dining table.” In the same vein, couches are no longer just restful places for many — instead, they’re work stations and

Fall home decor trends: Comfort, flexibility

In recent years, brown anything in a living space was considered by some arbiters of decor as drab and outdated. But this fall the hue is back in favor, in part because of the unsettled, anxious state of the world.

“Brown traditionally makes people feel comfortable and safe, and those are feelings that many of us are looking to our homes to provide,” says interior designer Dawn Hamilton of Oakland Park, Fla.

It’s just one of the trends in decor this season, when the pandemic has made home an even more essential space for living, working,