6 reasons your bathroom needs a high-tech boost

(BPT) – From smart thermostats that help you save energy and keep your home comfortable, to high-fidelity speaker systems that allow you to enjoy your favorite music and movies, there’s no shortage of electronics to upgrade your home. And as technology becomes more integrated into your everyday life, you’ll find you need to add it to every room in your house — even the bathroom.

Here are six must-have features for the high-tech bathroom of your dreams:

1) A hands-free opening and closing toilet spreads fewer germs

If remembering to put the toilet seat down is a problem in your house, a hands-free opening and closing toilet is your solution. Intuitive, motion-activated opening and closing will keep your space looking neat. And when you’re done, the toilet will automatically flush itself. A hands-free operation is cleaner with fewer germs to pick up or leave behind to help keep your family and houseguests healthy.

2) A self-cleaning bowl stays cleaner longer

Many smart toilets come equipped with convenient one-click bowl sanitation and bowl pre-mist for a clean flush. Kohler intelligent toilets and cleansing seats allow you to mist the bowl before you go to help keep it cleaner longer.

3) Heated seats and floors provide next-level comfort

If you’ve ever gotten out of bed on a cold winter morning, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a heated toilet seat and heated bathroom floors. Your morning and night routines will be much more enjoyable with a toasty seat and warm feet.

4) Cleansing seats are a refreshing alternative to toilet paper

Cleansing functionalities are becoming more of a must-have rather than a luxury. Intelligent toilets and cleansing seats use water cleansing features as a refreshing alternative to toilet tissue alone. This feature gives you complete control over your entire experience. Kohler cleansing seats