A bathroom break and a manager spat were part of Jose Mourinho’s eventful League Cup afternoon (video)

Drama seems to follow José Mourinho wherever he goes, and there was certainly no shortage of it from Tottenham Hotspur’s well-traveled manager in Spurs’ League Cup win over London rival Chelsea on Tuesday.

Chelsea scored first, with high-priced forward Timo Werner notching his first goal for the Blues with a blistering strike into the bottom corner.

Not long after that, things began to get weird on the touchline. Mourinho apparently took issue with Chelsea boss Frank Lampard, his former captain when he led the Blues to consecutive Premier League titles in the mid-2000s. Per reports on the ground, the older coach was upset that Lampard became more vocal after the visitors took the lead.

With Spurs still trailing with less than 15 minutes remaining in the second half, a truly comedic scene played out. As his team was desperately pressing forward in search of the equalizer, defender Eric Dier walked off the field to use the bathroom, leaving his team to play down a man.

Cameras caught a furious Mourinho chasing Dier down the tunnel:

Afterward, Dier himself joked about the moment on Instagram:

Shorthanded Spurs survived Dier’s toilet break to tie the game through Erik Lamela in the 83rd minute. After the final whistle sounded, the match went directly to penalties.

All five Spurs players converted their spot kicks past new Chelsea keeper Edouard Mendy, who made his debut after arriving from French side Rennes. So when Harry Kane’s effort was successful, it meant that Mason Mount, Lampard’s final taker, had to beat Hugo

Tottenham’s Eric Dier left a match at a crucial moment to use the bathroom and Jose Mourinho had to go find him

a person standing in front of a building: Eric Dier rushes back to the field after a mid-match bathroom break. ESPN

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Eric Dier rushes back to the field after a mid-match bathroom break. ESPN

  • Tottenham defender Eric Dier ran off the field in the middle of a match for a bathroom break.
  • In his absence, Spurs nearly gave up a goal to Chelsea, prompting manager Jose Mourinho to hunt him down in the locker room.
  • Dier made up for his miscue later, drilling his shot in the decisive penalty shootout to help Tottenham through to the quarterfinals of the Carabao Cup.
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Eric Dier had a mid-match emergency on Tuesday.

In desperate need of a bathroom break, the Tottenham defender ran off the field around the 70th minute of their match against Chelsea in the Carabao Cup. Already trailing 0-1 and playing a man down momentarily, Spurs nearly gave up a second goal while Dier was off the pitch.


Thankfully for Tottenham, Chelsea’s shot went high over the net, but manager Jose Mourinho wasn’t taking any chances, telling his team to slow things down and then marching back into the locker room to track down his missing defender.

On Twitter, fans had a field day with Dier’s trip to the loo.


Dier would get the chance to make up for his mistake later in the match. Tottenham drew level with a goal from Erik Lamela in the 83rd minute, and after full time, the match went to penalty kicks.

Dier stepped up to the spot for Tottenham first. He flushed it.

Tottenham would go

Jose Mourinho explained why he chased after Eric Dier during in-match bathroom break

Whenever you watch a Jose Mourinho-coached team in action, you can usually expect to see something unusual happen. It’s part of his unique personality, but you can absolutely understand the soccer world’s confusion as Mourinho darted towards the dressing room with the second half already well underway.

Jose Mourinho in a blue shirt

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He was going to retrieve Eric Dier who was using the bathroom.

In the 77th minute of Tottenham Hotspur’s Carabao Cup match against Chelsea, Callum Hudson-Odoi nearly doubled Chelsea’s lead against Spurs. And the next thing we saw was Mourinho heading towards the tunnel.

Dier had left the field to use the bathroom, apparently, and Mourinho grew frustrated with his team being forced to play shorthanded.

When asked about that ordeal after the game, Mourinho said that he indeed wanted to tell Dier to hurry up in the restroom and get back out on the field.

That’s … uh … a new one.

And hey, Dier would later score during the penalty shootout as Tottenham came back to eliminate Chelsea from the Carabao Cup. They can laugh about that one now.


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Jose Mourinho’s Spurs defeat Chelsea in EFL Carabao Cup, but not without an Eric Dier in-game bathroom break

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The EFL Cup showdown between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur on Tuesday produced everything you could imagine. From goals to a manager chasing a player into the locker room who went on a mid-game bathroom break. 

The Blues took the lead through Timo Werner, but a late goal from Tottenham’s Erik Lamela forced penalty kicks at 1-1, with Spurs advancing 5-4 from the spot after Mason Mount’s spot kick went wide of the goal to seal the match.

Mourinho, coaching against his former club, finally beat his former star player Frank Lampard after four meetings. But it wasn’t the penalty kicks, the goals, the London derby or even the solid debut of new Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy that highlighted the night.

During the match, Tottenham defender Eric Dier walked off the pitch to use the bathroom. Not able to hold it, he left his team with a player less in defense, and then Mourinho went looking for him. Take a look:

It’s going to be interesting to hear what exactly went on, why Dier couldn’t wait and more. Look — we’ve all been there. But props to Dier for coming back into the game and converting his penalty kick with class. Mourinho explained what happened after the match:

Dier spoke to the media after the match and said “nature was calling.”

For Chelsea, it’s a disappointing result but one that in the end will matter little to them with the club prioritizing the Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup. But on a positive note, new signing Timo Werner finally found the back of the net for the first time in an official match as a member of Chelsea, beautifully taking his best chance of the game.

With the win, Tottenham advance to the quarterfinals of the competition. The