Amazon Prime Day: Best Deals on Knives, Blenders, & Kitchen Gear

Amazon Prime Day is here. The two-day sale takes place on July 15 and July 16 of this year and will feature deals on more than one million products across all categories. In addition to massive sales on toys, tech, knives, back-to-school supplies, parenting gear, and more, there are incredible deals on kitchen gear.

Leading up to the big day, here are some home and kitchen items that will go on major sale, plus new launches available starting Prime Day only, to get you prepped and whet your appetites. And of course, we found some major, and we do mean major, deals to save you dough right now.

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Knife, Blender, Coffee Maker, and Kitchen Gear Deals

This excellent, teched-up drip coffee maker normally costs $280. It has a number of pre-set modes including, Fast, Strong, Iced, Cold Brew, and Gold, the latter of which automatically adjust the water temperature and brew time to meet specs set by the Specialty Coffee Association. The brewer also has a 60-ounce capacity

Save big on store-bought herbs by growing your own at a deep discount. This AeroGarden is normally priced at $149.95. The set includes a six-pod gourmet herb seed kit so you can plant: Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint and 3 oz. patented nutrients. In addition to providing delicious garnishes for your dishes, it’s a fun project for kids.

Looking to replace your slow-cooker? Now’s a good time: This 6-quart model from Crockpot was priced formely at $85, This model has a six-quart capacity, can be set to 20 hours, and automatically shifts to warm when the cooking cycle is over. It also has an automatic stirrer that attaches to the bottom of the lid to make the entire process truly hands free.


Four Knives That Save Kitchen Lives

My pharmacist recently told me to put lemon juice in my water because I need to have enough Vitamin C to keep my immune system strong through flu season.

For those of you who have had the flu, you can attest to how serious the flu is when it decides to hijack every part of your life. In fact, when we are sick, we ask for forgiveness. We plead with the universe. We make promises to ourselves of what we will do better. Do we actually do those things?

You tell me. I’m not ready to admit that!

As much as I want to drink lemon water and honor my pharmacist’s recommendation, I’m still caught by a thread of hesitation. It’s not the lemon water. It’s not the flu. It’s the knife. We all have a series of useful and not so useful knives in our kitchen drawers; some quarantine warriors even have a trusted blade sheathed and kept close to their heart under their bra. The truth is this: NO ONE learned crucial things in high school. How to file taxes? Nope. How to navigate a pandemic? Definitely not. Which knives are the best for what? We definitely weren’t taught that. If you’re like me, I look at expensive and budget-friendly knives and squint. Am I Uma Thurman from Kill Bill? No. I’m just a girl trying to find a knife for her lemon. When my pharmacist texted me to remind me to increase my intake of vitamin c through citrus-infused water, I began to question if the knives I owned would be up for the task.

My mind began to sing the ballad of lemons and knives.

And it is with great honor, I present the ballad to you:

Where does one go to buy a trusty knife?