Sutton Foster Is Proud of Her Quarantine Garden, and All the New Recipes She’s Tried Because of It

From Woman’s Day

During quarantine, Sutton Foster has boldly gone where few New Yorkers have gone before: into the garden. The actress and Broadway star left New York City to quarantine at her lake house, finally giving her the opportunity to have her dream garden. “I’ve always wanted to grow a garden, but I live in New York City so it’s a little tricky,” Foster tells Woman’s Day. “I’ve never had the time, and all of the sudden I’m like, oh my gosh, we’ve been here the whole summer, and we’ve grown carrots from seeds!”

And carrots aren’t all Foster has been able to grow. “I have an herb garden, and chili peppers and jalapeños,” she says. “And we had these random seeds that grew gourds, and we’re growing a pumpkin that we’re going to carve for Halloween. It’s cool stuff like that where it’s like, oh my gosh we grew a pumpkin!”

Though growing produce has been a major source of Foster’s excitement, another reason she loves her garden is because of the cooking opportunities that come with it. And having grown everything from herbs to Brussels sprouts to squash, she’s been able to up her game in the kitchen. “I love cooking,” Foster says. “I’m making a lot of soups right now. I just made a chicken, mushroom, and rice stew, and it’s great to have for lunch.” As Foster begins rehearsals for The Music Man and filming for Younger, her plan is to make a new soup each week to take for lunch. “I’ve been doing a little bit of everything,” she says. Up next: Pumpkin apple soup using the apples she and her family picked on a recent visit to an orchard.

Foster has enjoyed getting her 3-year-old daughter Emily involved in the kitchen, too.

The Pantry Kitchen’s ‘Weeknight Challenge’ yields stuffed squash recipes and many unexpected gems

The goal with the first challenge of Season 2 of the Pantry Kitchen Challenge was to get everyone in an autumnal mood, and to introduce the new “wild card” rule designed to throw a different wrinkle into each round. Wellll …. perhaps we should have been more specific?

Round 1 was “The Weeknight Challenge” with a 30-minute prep time limit, and squash, apples, nutmeg and soda as the ingredients. We didn’t foresee that folks would interpret the 30-minute limit in two different ways: 30 minutes to prep the dish and get it ready for cooking or 30 minutes from prep to plating.


So to be fair, we selected the top three finishers in both categories. (And props to those of you who saw “30-minute prep” and decided this meant 30 minutes total!) You hustled and came up with some pretty impressive stuff. This challenge garnered 45 entries! Many of you saw the ingredients list and thought stuffed squash or butternut squash soup. So bonus points for those who went above and beyond those two staples.

In the “30-minutes from prep to plating” category, Paul Shapiro wins for butternutchos, turning butternut squash into tortilla chips for a unique plate of nachos. Runners-up: Darci Rogojin, whose autumn doughnut holes with nutmeg cream soda icing looked delectable, and Beth Cavalli, who combined Western ingredients with Mexican and Asian flavors — tamarind soda! — to create a tamarind stir-fry!

In the “30-minutes prep, then cook to your heart’s content” category, the mother-daughter tandem of Joan and Keri Segna wowed us with this gorgeous stuffed pumpkin dinner called Filled with Goodness. Runners-up: Thomas Finnegan transformed the ingredients into an interesting chicken curry with squash and apples, while Jeff Abrams also stuffed a pumpkin in spectacular fashion to produce pumpkin and apple English

Countertop Convection Oven Recipes And Halogen Oven Recipes

Concepts can be probably the most complicated, but thrilling facet of designing your property. However there are many completely different Moussaka Recipes, with each cook dinner placing their very own twist on it. Although the main function of a kitchen is meant to be cooking or getting ready meals, the kitchen can be the center of other actions as nicely, especially within properties, depending on the size, furnishings, and equipment.

You do not have to install new cupboards, new counter tops, and all-new home equipment to be able to get a 50s model kitchen. Milk and dairy merchandise have a big position in cooking as a result of milk products are added in various recipes and cooking preparations reminiscent of sauces, creams, ice cream, fruit lotions, and so on.

Leaving food uncovered for even a short while might not seem harmful, but in that space of time, flies can get on the meals and deposit their eggs. These are vital tools in a kitchen that can impact your cooking significantly. Cooking with a Convection Oven isn’t a lot totally different to cooking in a daily oven.

I wish to think that even folks dwelling within the city will attempt to be a bit greener and outdated-style of their kitchens. A significant problem most individuals are faced in the kitchen shouldn’t be having enough time to prepare dinner and counting on quick food. Kitchen Cupboards can be customized using end grade hardwoods.

With a smaller cooking space than a traditional oven, outcomes are extra predictable and straightforward to attain due to the management this sort of ofen offers you. My minimalist kitchen is purposeful, gives the whole lot I want, takes up little or no space, doesn’t want more than ten minutes cleaning per day, and it was cheap to do.…

Cooking Recipes You Can Make In Jail!

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