Two more White House residence staff have tested positive for the coronavirus

WASHINGTON — Two more White House residence staff tested positive for Covid-19 nearly three weeks ago, a White House official confirmed to NBC News on Friday.

That brings the number of residence staff who have tested positive for the coronavirus in recent weeks to four, including three members of the housekeeping staff who work on the third floor of the residence and an assistant to the chief usher.

None of the four came into contact with the first family, the official said, and all of them wore masks.

The news, first reported by The New York Times, comes a week after President Donald Trump was checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after testing positive for Covid-19.

Trump returned to the White House on Monday evening and is receiving treatment for the disease amid concerns that he remains contagious and could infect people inside the White House complex.

On Wednesday, the president returned to the Oval Office and released a video declaring himself essentially “cured” of Covid-19. Trump’s doctors, however, have been guarded about the details of his medical condition; White House physician Dr. Sean Conley said earlier this week that they wouldn’t know whether he was out of the woods until after this weekend.

The White House has been hit hard by the virus, with top aides Hope Hicks and Stephen Miller testing positive for the coronavirus as well as press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, numerous members of the press office and White House staff.

More than a dozen people who have been around Trump in recent days have tested positive for Covid-19, many of whom attended the White House ceremony for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on Sept. 26.

Concern rises for White House residence staffers as their workplace emerges as a virus hot spot

His uncle, John Johnson, was also a butler, and the flouting of safety protocols that has made the White House a coronavirus hot spot has also put the career civil servants who work where President Trump and first lady Melania Trump live at risk of exposure. It has Allen puzzled and incensed.

“I would be begging my dad and uncle, ‘You need to get the hell up out of there,’ ” he said. “It’s like: ‘Get out! Get out!’ ”

The White House residence staff members are largely Black and Latino, and often elderly, according to Kate Anderson Brower, who compiled a trove of interviews with former staffers for her book “The Residence.” Numbering 90-some full-time ushers, butlers, housekeepers, valets, florists, engineers and cooks charged with maintaining the historical house and creating a comfortable home free from prying eyes, they work more closely with the first family than perhaps anyone else in that building. These employees often keep their positions for decades and work for administration after administration, viewing their job as holding up the integrity of the White House regardless of who is in office.

“They’re supporting an institution, not a singular presidency,” said Anita McBride, who was Laura Bush’s chief of staff and is a White House historian for American University.

Discretion, too, is a key component of a residence staffer’s job. Speaking out about anything, including working conditions, can be a cause for dismissal. Two members of the housekeeping department who tested positive several weeks ago were told to use “discretion” when discussing their diagnosis, according to a New York Times report Monday that The Washington Post confirmed.

As the residence staff has been caring for the first family, a chorus of concern has started to rise among former White House and residence staff members about whether

Two staffers of White House residence tested positive for COVID-19 weeks ago: report

Two members of the White House residence staff who do not come into direct contact with the president or first lady tested positive for the coronavirus about three weeks ago, The New York Times reported Sunday. 

The Times report about the positive tests among the residence staffers, which cited unnamed sources, comes after both President TrumpDonald John TrumpJaime Harrison debates Graham behind plexiglass shield Doctors, White House staff offer conflicting messages on president’s health Trump given second dose of Remdesivir ‘without complication’, ‘not yet out of the woods’, Conley says MORE and first lady Melania TrumpMelania TrumpJaime Harrison debates Graham behind plexiglass shield Doctors, White House staff offer conflicting messages on president’s health Trump given second dose of Remdesivir ‘without complication’, ‘not yet out of the woods’, Conley says MORE have tested positive for the virus. 

Trump said Friday he and his wife tested positive for the virus, but the Times notes that the positive cases among residence staffers raises questions about how and when the president may have been exposed to the virus. 

Asked about the Times’ report over the positive cases among the two residence staffers, White House spokesperson Judd Deere said the White House “does not comment on the personal health information of individual staffers but does take any positive case seriously and has extensive plans and procedures in place to prevent further spread.” 

“A full and complete contact trace consistent with CDC guidelines is included in that and appropriate notifications and recommendations are made,” Deere added in a statement. 

Trump said Friday he tested positive for the coronavirus. He was taken to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center later that day for treatment. 

A number of Republicans within Trump’s orbit have also announced testing positive for the virus after Trump.

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