Coronation Street’s Alexandra Mardell reveals incredible bathroom transformation as she renovates Manchester home

Coronation Street’s Alexandra Mardell revealed her incredible bathroom transformation as she renovates Manchester home.

The 27-year-old actress showed off her chic bathroom with amazing black and white patterned floor and navy walls.

Alexandra Mardell showed off her stunning bathroom with patterned floors


Alexandra Mardell showed off her stunning bathroom with patterned floorsCredit: Instagram

The star gave fans a glimpse of the stunning bathroom complete with crisp white chest of drawers, a stylish mirrored cabinet and a quote hanging the wall that reads “Get Naked”.

The eye-catching diamond shaped patterned floor is the pièce de résistance and is perfectly complimented with a navy blue statement wall.

The star shared the progress of her bathroom with her fans, she wrote: “This colour is hague blue…drool.”

The star then shared snaps of the finished look, writing: “Bubbles and dreams” and in another photo she penned: “So chuffed, just waiting for my mirror to arrive.”

The actress said she was 'chuffed' with her bathroom transformation


The actress said she was ‘chuffed’ with her bathroom transformation Credit: Instagram
The star gave her fans a glimpse of the completed makeover


The star gave her fans a glimpse of the completed makeoverCredit: Instagram

The actress – who plays Emma Brooker in the popular ITV soap – shares her gorgeous home with boyfriend of two years Joe Parker.

The lovebirds were pals for two years before they started dating in 2017.

In December 2019 the pair decided to take their relationship to the next level and move in together – and they’ve certainly created the perfect pad to create loads of fond memories in.

Alexandra took to Instagram to announce the happy news and wrote: “He said yes!!! he’s moving in wooo!

Emma shared her gorgeous Manchester pad with boyfriend Joe Parker


Emma shared her gorgeous Manchester pad with boyfriend Joe ParkerCredit: Instagram

“Happy 2nd year anniversary for tomorrow @joeparker45! 22/12/17 🖤Celebrating early in York! Love you lots! Can’t wait for 2020!! @mountroyale @lisabyrnepr”

Their living room follows a simple style with

Kim Kardashian reveals she has her first Fabulous magazine cover framed on bathroom wall

KIM Kardashian has revealed she has a framed cover of her first Sun on Sunday Fabulous magazine shoot hanging on her bathroom wall at home.

The epic cover picture from January 2011, featuring the American socialite and her sister Kourtney fighting over a handbag on a LA hotel rooftop, takes pride of place inside her £46million mansion.

Kim Kardashian looks sensational posing in nude shapewear from her Skims brand


Kim Kardashian looks sensational posing in nude shapewear from her Skims brand
The star revealed she has her epic Fabulous magazine cover from 2011 with sister Kourtney framed in her bathroom


The star revealed she has her epic Fabulous magazine cover from 2011 with sister Kourtney framed in her bathroomCredit: Fabulous

The mother of four told Fabulous: “I loved that shoot. It was so much fun. It’s so cute. I have it on my glamour wall (in bathroom).” 

She took part in a second interview and picture shoot for Fabulous in LA in 2013 – on that occasion with Kourtney and other sister Khloe.

Today she features for a third time on the cover of the magazine to celebrate her 40th birthday later this month.

Kim will be getting a lot more mummy time with her children – North, seven, Saint, five, Chicago, two and Psalm, aged 17 months – after the cancellation of her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians
The Kardashians.

Kim will celebrate her 40th birthday later this month


Kim will celebrate her 40th birthday later this monthCredit: Refer to Caption

The show made Kim the pop cultural icon of her generation, following her on the journey to becoming the most famous woman on the planet – with a bank balance estimated to be more than £700million.

On her kids she said: “I’m so thankful for my beautiful kids no matter how they came to me. I’m so thankful for my surrogates.

“I grew up with so many siblings. I just loved being in a big environment.

“I would have gone through

NASA Video Reveals How Astronauts Use Bathroom in ISS

NASA astronaut and Navy SEAL Chris Cassidy has made a new tutorial video for the toilet aboard the International Space Station (ISS). And while Cassidy is calm throughout, it’s easy to imagine oneself Mr. Bean-ing the pricey water closet. Which would be a bad thing, especially considering the fact that the ISS’s newest titanium thrown costs $23 million.

The space agency recently posted Cassidy’s video to its NASA Johnson YouTube channel. Although it’s unclear if the arrival of the new titanium toilet was the impetus for the video—which does not feature the new unit—Cassidy makes it clear that “by far the most common question” asked of astronauts is “How do you go to the bathroom?”

To kick off the video, Cassidy gives a rundown of how it feels to have the urge to go in space. And it turns out that the sensations in regards to both “number one” and “number two” are the exact same as here on Earth.

Cassidy demonstrates all the steps astronauts must go through to use the WHC (waste and hygiene compartment) correctly. For urination, for example, Cassidy shows how an astronaut must turn on, and urinate into, a vacuum tube. Not before checking a series of control-panel lights first, however, which signal that it’s OK to urinate. Or “V to pee” as Cassidy says, thanks to the shape of the light array.

In regards to the ol’ numero dos, astronauts use a toilet with a “bowl” only five to six inches in diameter. To complete their movements, the astronauts must: poop into a bag, close it up (along with any toilet paper used), and then jam it into a bucket that can hold up to 30 “deposits.”

NASA astronaut, Chris Cassidy, has made a tutorial on how to use a space toilet.


Even though Cassidy is obviously unfazed by the ISS’s bathroom procedures, issues must inevitably arise

Trump’s Covid-plagued White House reveals dangerous misunderstanding of testing

President Donald Trump’s White House continues to rack up positive tests, from Hope Hicks to Stephen Miller. On Tuesday, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany (and two of her aides) tested positive for SARS-CoV2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. Despite knowing that she was in close contact with both the president and top adviser Hope Hicks prior to their diagnoses, McEnany not only refused to quarantine, but even continued to give briefings with reporters without a mask.

a woman talking on a cell phone

© Provided by NBC News

Her stated reason for this behavior, up until Monday afternoon? She hadn’t tested positive yet.

This behavior highlights a fundamental and dangerous misunderstanding of the point of Covid-19 tests — and their limitations. If we don’t know how to interpret and respond to tests, we risk the kind of disaster now unfolding at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

To be clear, testing is not a prevention strategy. Just like a pregnancy test cannot take the place of birth control, Covid-19 tests should not be seen as substitutes for robust strategies to reduce community transmission. It is part of the public health approach, but not for the reasons people think.

Kayleigh McEnany ninth person positive for Covid-19 after White House Rose Garden event



The first and most familiar reason people get tested is to obtain a definitive diagnosis. This type of testing is most often done for individuals with symptoms — people who have a cough, fever, loss of taste or smell, or fatigue. Asymptomatic contacts of a known Covid-19 positive patient may also be tested to rule out infection. This type of testing is usually done with a “PCR” test, which amplifies the virus and which is currently considered the gold standard for testing, although other more rapid forms of molecular tests can also be used. Most

What the White House cluster reveals about virus’ spread

It wasn’t long after President Donald Trump and other Republicans were diagnosed with the coronavirus that people detected a common thread: All of them had been at the White House on Sept. 26.

Chris Christie et al. standing in front of a crowd

© Provided by NBC News

Numerous people who attended the event to announce the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court are known to have caught the virus. Others close to people who tested positive at the event have since also caught the virus, some of whom initially tested negative for several days after the gathering.


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The emerging White House cluster is the kind of incident that infectious disease experts are focusing on as a crucial way to understand how the coronavirus spreads. They’re known as “superspreader” events.

“What gives rise to transmission is based on multiple factors, and you get the best and biggest superspreading events when all the stars align in the wrong way,” said Jamie Lloyd-Smith, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at UCLA.

As the pandemic has evolved, infectious disease experts have zeroed in on so-called superspreaders who are thought to play a major and disproportionate role in transmitting the virus.

Although pieces of the puzzle are still missing, understanding those broader patterns of transmission will help scientists pinpoint not only how the virus spreads, but also what public health strategies will be most effective to curb runaway outbreaks.

Did the White House conduct a super-spreader event?



There is no official definition for superspreader events, but they are characterized by incidents that result in a large cluster of infections. In March, a Biogen corporate meeting in Boston is thought to have been linked to 20,000 Covid-19 cases, according to a study published to the preprint server medRxiv that has yet to be peer-reviewed.