Video: Trump appears to struggle to breathe on walk to White House

  • President Donald Trump appeared to struggle for breath as he returned to the White House on Monday from a three-day hospitalization.
  • In footage designed to show his recovery, the president climbed stairs and removed his mask before entering the White House.
  • But the president’s breathing after he removed the mask appeared labored — one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19.
  • One medical expert said the footage was a “textbook example of increased work of breathing.”
  • Trump in a video Monday night claimed to have recovered from his illness. But his doctor estimated it would be about a week before it would be clear. 
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Footage of President Donald Trump returning to the White House on Monday after a three-day hospitalization with COVID-19 appeared to show him having difficulty breathing.

Trump on Monday evening left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center despite being still infected with the coronavirus.

Arriving at the White House in front of news cameras he climbed a set of stairs, removed his mask on the balcony, saluted the departing helicopter, and stepped into the building.

The sequence appeared designed to show that Trump has recovered and is back in business after the diagnosis that left him hospitalized for three days. 

But some medical experts pointed out that Trump appears far from well, commenting on his apparent struggle to breathe.


Dr Ilan Schwartz, an assistant professor at the University of Alberta, Canada, and expert in lung diseases, said Trump’s breathing appeared abnormal.

He said: “This is a textbook example of increased work of breathing. In addition to using normal respiratory muscles (the diaphragm & those between the ribs that expand the chest