Trump comes back negative for coronavirus on antigen test, White House doc says

President Trump tested negative for the coronavirus on consecutive days, his doctor said Monday as the president flew to Florida for a rally.

Dr. Sean P. Conley said Mr. Trump tested negative using an Abbott BinaxNow antigen card, the type of test the administration is sending to nursing homes and governors across the country.

Dr. Conley said the tests, combined with lab data such as the president’s viral load and culture data, suggest the virus is not replicating in the president’s system.

“This comprehensive data, in concert with the CDC’s guidelines for removal of transmission-based precautions, have informed our medical team’s assessment that the president is not infectious to others,” Dr. Conley wrote.

The doctor on Saturday said he believed that Mr. Trump was no longer infectious after testing positive for the virus Oct. 1 and spending three days at the hospital.

The president lined up a busy campaign schedule, starting with Monday’s rally in Sanford, Florida, and events in Pennsylvania and Iowa over the next two days.

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White House spokesman refuses to answer when Trump’s last negative COVID-19 test was 6 times in one interview

a person wearing a suit and tie: White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern appeared on MSNBC's Live With Hallie Jackson on Friday. Screenshot via MSNBC

© Screenshot via MSNBC
White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern appeared on MSNBC’s Live With Hallie Jackson on Friday. Screenshot via MSNBC

  • White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern refused to disclose when President Donald Trump last tested negative for COVID-19 at least six times in one interview.
  • “You are very focused on looking backwards,” Morgenstern told MSNBC correspondent Hallie Jackson. 
  • Morgenstern’s interview is part of a pattern of the White House refusing to reveal the president’s last negative test.
  • The last time Trump or anyone in the White House was on the record regarding a negative test wasMay 21.
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The White House is still refusing to reveal the last time President Donald Trump tested negative for COVID-19, increasing confusion around the timeline of his infection and anyone else potentially exposed to the virus by the president.

Trump spokesman Brian Morgenstern dodged answering the question at least six times during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Live With Hallie Jackson” on Friday.

“The president shares a great deal of information with the American public,” he told Jackson, citing HIPAA as to why he cannot disclose Trump’s last negative test, though Trump could waive his HIPAA rights.

Moments earlier, he said he would reveal the results of Trump’s most recent test.

“What’s the difference? Why not be more transparent?” Jackson pushed back.

“It’s not something that has the public health value that the other information we’re releasing does,” Morgenstern said. “That’s why we’re releasing information in the interest of public health.”

“I think medical experts would absolutely disagree with that about the public health value,” Jackson responded.

Public health experts and epidemiologists uniformly say that knowledge of Trump’s infection timeline is helpful for contract tracing matters and to better understand how long the president could be infectious. Since

Trump implies no COVID-19 negative test, continuing health obfuscation

  • President Donald Trump on Thursday night dodged questions from Fox News about whether he had yet tested negative for the coronavirus.
  • The obfuscation came despite claims by Trump that he’d recovered from the illness after testing positive last week.
  • He told Hannity he’d “probably” be tested Friday, arguing “there’s no reason to test all the time.”
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President Donald Trump implied that he has yet to test negative for COVID-19 since his diagnosis, despite boasting that he has recovered.

Speaking with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity on Thursday night, Trump dodged questions over whether he had been tested since he announced his positive test the week before, leading to a three-night stay in the hospital.

Hannity asked if Trump had tested positive since last week. Trump responded that he would likely be tested on Friday, and claimed that there’s no reason to be regularly tested.

He said “Well what we’re doing is probably the test will be tomorrow. The actual test, because there’s no reason to test all the time.”

trump walter reed

A car with US President Trump drives past supporters in a motorcade outside of Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland on October 4, 2020.

ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images

He also avoided earlier questions on testing from Hannity:

When Hannity asked if he had been tested recently, Trump responded: “Yeah, I just saw the doctors today. They got me in great shape. I’m in great shape”

And when Hannity asked if he had tested negative, Trump did not answer and instead pointed to an experimental cocktail of antibodies he had been given. “I’ll tell you I took this Regeneron and it’s phenomenal,” he said.

White House Physician Sean Conley said in a memo on Thursday that he thinks Saturday is when Trump can

Reboot Test Kitchen Returns with A New Interactive Animated Short

Seattle’s Reboot Test Kitchen is returning this October to workshop an interactive tale that will explore gender identity.

Seattle’s Reboot Test Kitchen is returning this October to workshop an interactive tale that will explore gender identity through the larger than life imagination of a child.

Writer Adam Kern is hopeful that his “_____form Prologue” will develop into an interactive animated short. The medium will be a natural fit as the piece features slice-of-life moments that often erupt into epic clashes of dragons and fantasy. The project is designed to showcase the internal weight and importance that identity can carry for the young protagonist.

The workshop highlights an inclusive and diverse cast of actors, featuring professional voice-over artist Julie Rei who also served as an invaluable consultant on the piece.

‘Trans representation in art is not only a personal mission of mine, but also aligns with the mission of Reboot Theatre Company,” says Jasmine Joshua, founder and Artistic Director of Reboot Theatre Company. “I chose Adam’s script because I wanted to encourage writers of all backgrounds to include trans narratives in their work and, as a trans writer, artist, and producer, I wanted to help him develop it and provide the dramaturgical support needed to make the piece as authentic and uplifting as possible.’

Kern says, “As a cis-gendered gay man, I’ve always realized that my understanding of the complexities these characters are going through are not to the level of those who have actually lived through them. Authentic feedback and assistance have always been one of our major priorities and the Test Kitchen will continue to be a natural extension of that goal.”

Kern, a professional actor who also co-owns and directs for an immersive theatre company in Cleveland, has produced 30-40 readings of other artists work, but states that

Pence’s negative COVID test could be “meaningless” for debate, doctor says

The vice presidential debate is set to get underway Wednesday evening with extra COVID-19 safety measures in place, but one doctor is questioning whether that will be enough as the virus outbreak at the White House continues to grow.

Mike Pence wearing a suit and tie: White House Coronavirus Task Force Speaks To The Media In Daily Briefing

© / Getty Images
White House Coronavirus Task Force Speaks To The Media In Daily Briefing

“More layers of protection are so important,” Dr. Neeta Ogden said Wednesday on CBSN. “It’s not just Pence, it’s the team that he’s traveling with, it’s the exposure on a daily basis.”


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The vice president’s physician announced that Pence took a PCR coronavirus test Tuesday afternoon that came back negative. And the White House said Pence and his wife both tested negative again Wednesday in Salt Lake City, where the debate is being held. But as Ogden points out, test results only reflect a specific moment in time and don’t guarantee an infection won’t develop later. 

“Just because he’s had a daily antigen test, intermittent PCR tests, is meaningless if he continues to interact with other people on his team or anybody else in the world — we don’t know what their COVID status is,” she said. 

Since President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis last week, a growing number of staffers within the White House, and several members of the press corps, have tested positive for the virus. Senior adviser to the president Stephen Miller, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, three of her deputies and Trump 2020 campaign manager Bill Stepien are just some of those close to the executive branch that have tested positive. Stephen Miller’s wife, Katie Miller, who serves as Pence’s communications director, tested negative on Tuesday; she had coronavirus back in May, but she left Salt Lake City out of an abundance of caution.

Doctor on FDA’s COVID vaccine guidelines and