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Summary of all the latest early garden equipment & tool deals for Amazon Prime Day 2020, including deals on lawn mowers, generators, snow blowers, leaf blowers & tools from DeWalt, Ryobi, Ridgid & more brands

Here’s a comparison of the top early tools & patio & garden machinery deals for Amazon Prime Day 2020, together with the latest discounts on DeWalt tools & machinery, leaf blowers, generators, lawn mowers & snow blowers. Explore the full selection of deals using the links below.

Best tools deals:

  • Save up to 47% on a wide selection of power tools & hand tools – at the Amazon Prime Day sale

  • Save up to $196 on tools from top-rated brands like DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, Ryobi & Makita – at the Amazon Prime Day sale

  • Save up to $481 on standby generators, inverter generators & portable power generators – save on generators from top brands including Generac, Westinghouse, DuroMax & Champion

  • Save $196 on the Makita 16-inch Electric Chainsaw at Amazon – tool-less blade and chain adjustments, rubberized grip, built-in current limiter, soft start

  • Save 40% on the Rockwell 4-1/2″ Compact Circular Saw at Amazon – with 1pc 4-1/2″ 24T carbide-toothed blade, vacuum adapter, parallel edge guide & allen wrench

  • Save $80 on the Bosch Power Tools Jigsaw Kit at Amazon – 7.2 amp corded variable speed top-handle jigsaw kit with assorted blades & carrying case

  • Save 47% on the AirCat 6505 Composite Quiet Cut-Off Tool at Amazon – ultra quiet, ergonomically designed handle, 2.5 HP, 3-Inch cutting blade

  • Save 52% on the BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander at Amazon – 2.4 Amp motor, high performance dust collection, 14,000 orbits per minute

  • Save 25% on the Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric High Pressure Washer at Amazon – 14. 5-Amp/1800-watt motor, 2030 PSI/1. 76 GPM, (TSS) total stop system

There’s a Nationwide Shortage of This Staple Kitchen Tool

If you’ve recently decided to try your hand at canning your own jams, preserves, or pickles, you may have encountered one crucial problem—a shortage of glass jars and lids.

That’s because thousands of Americans had the same idea, taking up cooking, baking, and even growing their own food as a way to save money and relieve stress during the pandemic. Finding ways to use and preserve the fruits of their labor has created one of the biggest canning supply shortages in over 40 years, according to a report from North Carolina State University. (Related: 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply.)

In fact, the lids are even harder to come by than the jars. According to Marie Bregg, owner of online retailer Mason Jar Merchant, most of the demand is for the two-part lids used in canning, because they are single-use. “Our sales basically went up 600% that week and haven’t dropped since,” she told CNN referring to the week in mid August when she noticed a huge surge in demand. In fact, her website even displays a prominent banner that reads ‘Canning lid shortage update click here.’

Experts agree that it’s the surge of rookie gardeners and canners that’s likely responsible for the shortage. “There’s so many more people canning this year than have ever canned. We have seen a big upswing in new people trying to can,” said Nellie Oehler, the coordinator for Oregon State University’s statewide food preservation hotline. She added she’s been answering calls from all over the country about the lack of supplies.

A spokesperson for Newell Brands, the company that now owns biggest manufacturers of glass jars, Ball and Kerr, said the entire canning industry has seen an unprecedented demand for supplies. However, the situation may be back to

Carrie Underwood’s Favorite Kitchen Tool Is A Food Scale And Here’s Why

Carrie Underwood is one of America’s sweethearts, so any advice she shares with her fans deserves to be tested out. She shares her workouts and dietary habits for all to see on her Instagram, and in her recent book Find Your Path, she talks about why a kitchen scale is her favorite tool.

Carrie Underwood smiling for the camera: Carrie Underwood explained in her recent book "Find Your Path" that her favorite kitchen tool is a food scale.

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Carrie Underwood explained in her recent book “Find Your Path” that her favorite kitchen tool is a food scale.

While some celebrities stick to relatively strict diets, Carrie believes that portion control is the most important part of eating rather than counting calories or avoiding certain food groups.

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“Eyeballing just doesn’t work for me. If I try to eyeball portions, they creep up in size. If I put a cup of pasta on my plate but I don’t measure it, you can bet that what I think is a cup is actually closer to two cups. You’d be surprised at how inaccurate eyeballing it can be,” she wrote in her book.

In order to get those portions just right, she uses a digital food scale. By using a scale instead of estimating or using measuring cups Carrie finds it to be more accurate since different food has different weights.

“A cup of green beans, a cup of yogurt, and a cup of popcorn all have different weights, and measuring by cups or fractions of a cup isn’t very accurate,” she said. “There’s a lot of uncertainty,” Underwood says,

You’ll Never Eat Overcooked Pasta Again With This Tool That Sings Different Songs While Your Pasta Cooks

Everyone has their own rule of thumb they follow when it comes to cooking pasta because, let’s face it, although it’s filling and delicious in all of its forms, there’s nothing worse than overcooked pasta. Ditch the instructions on the box—with this “Al Dente” pasta timer you can make the perfect meal and be serenaded in the process.


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a sign over a fire hydrant: Al Dente - The Singing Floating Pasta Timer: Will Sing Different Tunes when Pasta is Ready at 3, 7, 9, and 11 Minutes, to be Boiled with any Pasta in the Pot, Floats in Cold & Hot Boiling Water

Al Dente – The Singing Floating Pasta Timer: Will Sing Different Tunes when Pasta is Ready at 3, 7, 9, and 11 Minutes, to be Boiled with any Pasta in the Pot, Floats in Cold & Hot Boiling Water


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The Al Dente timer is heat-proof and is meant to be put in the boiling hot water pot with whatever pasta you’re using. It will float in the water and sing different songs to signal how long the pasta has been cooking. At three minutes, he’ll sing “That’s Amore” which is a good benchmark for thinner pastas like Angel hair. Next, at seven minutes, he’ll belt out the Godfather theme song which is good timing for tagliatelle noodles.

For spaghetti, which should be boiled for about nine minutes, the timer will play “Tarantella Napoletana” and, finally, at 11 minutes, Al Dente will play “Prisoner’s Choir.” The handy tool is available for $25 on Amazon Prime right now, and reviews say that it does help people cook their pasta so that they don’t have to worry about setting a timer on their phone or keeping an eye on the clock.

Gadgets like these are increasingly popular as people are spending more time at home experimenting with cooking, and any way the learning curve for cooking time can be improved is worthwhile. If you can get a pasta timer that will sing Italian classics for you in the

This $7 Frother Is the Ultimate Kitchen Tool for Fluffy Foods and Drinks

Before the arrival of the novel coronavirus, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a handheld milk frother. But as the pandemic wore on and the whipped Dalgona coffee craze hit my social media channels, the handy little device was the only prospective purchase on my mind. I’d read more than my fair share of Reddit posts claiming that a truly great frother would not only foam milk to perfection, but could be used to serve up the viral fluffy beverage sweeping my Instagram feed, among other things. After copious research, I decided to take the plunge with the Bonsenkitchen Electric Milk Frother. Amazon reviewers assured me it was a high-quality gadget, but I never could have anticipated just how much the single-button device can do. 

This milk frother is powerful, so much so, in fact, that I chose to use it over the sink for my first couple tries to avoid splattering liquid all over my kitchen. After a few uses, I was able to successfully migrate to the countertop without any spills. But the learning curve is worth it—even with my lack of expertise, the Bonsenkitchen frother foamed up the milk for my morning coffee in a matter of seconds and whipped up the dalgona coffee mixture in only a few minutes. 

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Repeatedly witnessing the strength of the frother made me curious as to how else I could use it. Soon enough, I found myself scouring Google for the best recipes using milk frothers, quickly learning that my device could be used to add extra air pockets to scrambled eggs before cooking, ensuring maximum fluffiness. Another unconventional use for the milk frother? It’s great for making homemade whipped cream, especially if you’d