Home decor ideas to transform your space into a cozy oasis

For many across the country, the leaves are beginning to change and with that, everyone is doing all they can to prepare their homes for the cold days ahead. (Photo: Getty Images)
For many across the country, the leaves are beginning to change and with that, everyone is doing all they can to prepare their homes for the cold days ahead. (Photo: Getty Images)

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, there is nothing more satisfying than snuggling up on the couch with a nice cup of tea to watch a favorite autumnal movie. Bonus points if you’ve got a snuggly cat on your lap. For many across the country, the leaves are beginning to change and with that, everyone is doing all they can to prepare their homes for the cold days ahead.

While some may only opt for a small pumpkin on their coffee table to set the mood, there are plenty of other home decor ideas to make your living space as cozy (and seasonal) as possible. With the expertise of interior designers Amber Guyton of Blessed Little Bungalow and Jessica McCarthy of JAM x Creative, here are 10 products that are both affordable and chic to easily transform your space for optimal coziness.

When it comes to creating a cozy space, there is nothing that screams cozy like a delicious candle. “Changing your home’s scent during the seasons is a super easy way to make your home feel cozy and unique to your personal scent preferences,” McCarthy says. If you really want to push the fall theme even further, try this pumpkin-shaped candle that smells like a warm bonfire. The Autumn Bonfire scent is packed with fallen pine cones, red oak, fresh eucalyptus and juniper berry. Truly intoxicating to smell — and adorable to look at.

One of the simplest ways to transform a space is to add texture and comfortable places to sit. Guyton recommends to “layer on different textures that add an element of

Swiggy’s cloud kitchen model is set to transform dining

When food delivery startup Swiggy started cloud kitchens three years ago, it was a sideshow in its food delivery business. The concept caught on as restaurant brands that had a following in one area could expand easily into new localities or even other cities. Investment in real estate was reduced because these kitchens could be smaller and didn’t need premium locations, apart from doing away with seating and the staff for serving.

Various models arose. Some introduced cloud kitchens in addition to restaurants for expansion, like Chennai’s Buhari becoming available in Coimbatore. Others like Rebel Foods created fully virtual brands that only came from dark kitchens. This became a new real estate and services play as restaurants only had to provide cooking staff while everything else, including cleaning and maintenance, could be outsourced.

Cloud kitchens caught a new impetus after the covid pandemic struck this year. Now even high-end restaurants in luxury hotels resorted to those as eating out took a nosedive and is yet to return to anywhere near the pre-covid levels. For example, Swiggy rolled out a Marriott-on-wheels with menus and prices tailored for delivery at home. Marriott could launch online-only brands whose specs varied from those of its on-premise dining.

“We help create new brands out of the existing kitchens of fine-dining restaurants,” says Vishal Bhatia, CEO, Swiggy New Supply. “For example, a premium restaurant for Chinese cuisine can use the same infrastructure to produce mass Chinese brands. We can help with the catalogue, pricing and discounting for it.”

This helps restaurants find new consumers and partially offset the under-utilization of kitchen facilities and culinary staff. “Everyone’s volumes have dropped and they’re looking for new revenue avenues,” says Bhatia.

Swiggy has co-created nearly 200 brands since the launch of this model using existing kitchens of restaurants in

Bathroom Transform

Bathroom tile design is commonly dismissed as an necessary issue when considering bathroom design. Seems to be a bit of mild diode or movement detector – typically it’s. Heaven forbid that each one bathrooms would have a universal flusher mechanism. However whichever means you choose to cover up and beautify the partitions, think about materials which might be extremely proof against moisture to benefit from the outcomes for a long, long time.

Simply spray the bathe tiles with alcohol. Many of these bathtubs are individually hand crafted from a single block of stone, so no two are precisely alike. Small bathtubs: the spherical mannequin. And as for a critique on this bathroom, I wish that I had the small print on if the bathroom was dirty or clear, but (even in that day, 1975), there was no light to be had on this bathroom because the light-bulb was shot.

Observe: Most bathroom drainage and water inlet points can be moved however this does come at additional cost. Bathroom remodeling, or updating our ideas in bathroom decor is an effective way to add worth to your house since it is the second hottest transforming mission for properties.

Many residence improvement facilities have model bathrooms and kitchens set up, and can present a supply for some new concepts. The tiles could also be clear, but the grout will get discolored easily. Additionally you have to to jack hammer the floor tiles up and the sand and cement mattress that they are laid on.

Yes, gross bathrooms certainly do make for a crappy day. Bathe enclosures, bathtub and sink surrounds and infrequently the whole bathroom flooring are key areas. Earlier than you begin your bathroom makeover, its greatest to attract a picture of the design you actually need.…

How To Transform A Bathroom

When many people decide to tackle the task of transforming their house there normally is numerous thought and consideration that goes into the planning and reconstruction side of it. You probably have determined to transform your bathroom then there are several ways to do this. And for bathroom fitters and installers, buying bathroom design software may be probably the greatest issues they’ll ever do for their businesses. The last thing to think about is whether or not you prefer to spend your time in your bathroom spa silently, or you would prefer having some music and sounds.

2.) Our Men’s Bathroom in our Walmart Tremendous Heart – in my hometown: Hamilton, Ala., and I’ve to give the janitor or custodian an enormous pat on the again for the last time I used this bathroom, I used to be impressed. This may add not only an eye-friendly gentle but in addition an additional glamorous contact to your bathroom.

Along with including a Jacuzzi to your bathroom, although, chances are you’ll decide to go forward and tackle the reworking of the bathroom flooring, too. Here we take a look at the five hottest kinds of bathroom designs. 3.) My Church’s Bathroom – I’ve to admit may be very clear.

It can be very laborious to wash between tiles correctly because grout is porous and it is onerous to get into the small areas to wash it clear. Corner bathtubs are specifically designed to slot in a corner. For example: If you happen to had been designing a bathroom for families you could possibly still design the bathroom with quick access to the bathe and bath.

I am by no means the type to be too bashful about utilizing the men’s room if there is just one bathroom and I can lock the …

How To Transform A Small Bathroom

There are lots of choices if you want to remodel your bathroom even it’s fashionable up to date. The drain line in your bathroom is the pipe that takes the water and waste from your rest room bowl to the sewer or septic tank, and this can be both a ground-discharge or wall-discharge design. Some even include therapeutic massage jets and all the opposite choices you discover in luxurious lie-down bathtubs.

Many are deeper than conventional bathtubs, though they take up significantly much less ground house. To clean flooring tile grout, mix the really helpful amount of oxygen bleach with some warm water and blend to dissolve. Spend time on the ironmongery shop to get some quick ideas on vanities, tubs and showers.

One of the bathrooms was clean as a pin whereas the opposite one was like a pig sty. Including a Jacuzzi to your bathroom requires a larger quantity of detail than you would have thought which truly takes care of the vast majority of the decisions about remodeling the bathroom within the first place.

With the intention to truly add a Jacuzzi to your bathroom then you’ll need to make sure the area is large sufficient. Small bathtubs: the whirlpool tub. Phylrich “feel rich” – that is the appropriate pronunciation, is the Beverly Hills producer of a number of the world’s finest designs for the bathroom.

It is true it takes us females a lot longer to simply go in and do our business in the bathroom than it does our male counterparts, with out even taking the time to do all of the other things in a bathroom we could possibly be doing (resembling makeup or changing clothes or, gasp shaving our legs).…