This Electric Hypercar Interior Is Mostly Screens

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Alieno Arcanum hypercar

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Alieno Arcanum hypercar

Take what you see with a pinch of salt.

We don’t talk about Bulgaria that often. The little Balkan country is not a major player in the automotive landscape but we’ve seen a number of interesting projects coming from Bulgarian companies, including the Kinetik electric track toy and, of course, Vilner. There’s yet another firm from the country that’s making the headlines but we are yet to decide whether it’s for good or bad reasons.

Bulgaria’s Alieno brand was first announced approximately two years ago but so far it exists only on paper. Its first model is called the Arcanum and should become the most powerful vehicle we’ve ever seen with an output of up to 5,221 horsepower (3,893 kilowatts). So far though, we’ve only seen computer renderings of the model and there are new images now.

These new images preview the Arcanum’s interior. And boy, it’s out of this world with eight displays – maybe some of the screens are integrated into one module but we counted eight different areas displaying information. There are many things we don’t really understand, such as why there are so many words next to the gear lever, but we’ll leave it to the lead designer to explain his idea.

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“This version of the interior of Alieno Arcanum is an extension of the car’s interior,” Encho Enchev says. “The overall theme is ultra-modernism with some Sci-Fi and futuristic accents. We want our customers to feel like they are in the cockpit of a spaceship, which the car resembles, given the technologies built into it. Our inspiration for the cockpit comes from the cockpits of many military fighters and science fiction movies such as Avatar Prometheus.”

Made In Bulgaria:

Other highlights of the interior include heating and cooling cup holders, floating center console, electrically-adjustable cooled and heated bucket seats, memory “robotic” steering column, and others.

Alieno hasn’t announced its plans for the start of the Arcanum’s production. Previously, the company disclosed it’ll build examples of the electric hypercar only by customer orders with prices starting at €750,000 (about $878,000 at the current exchange rates) for the base model. The most expensive variants will cost €1.5 million ($1.755 million).

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