Upgrade Your Kitchen With The Ninja Foodi OP300 For $90

Woot has the Ninja Foodi OP300 on sale right now for only $89.99. This normally

Woot has the Ninja Foodi OP300 on sale right now for only $89.99.

This normally retails for around $139, so it’s good to see it on sale for $89 right now. Even if this is the model with scratches or dents. Basically it was used, but not quite long enough to be a “used” model.

The OP300 is going to be a great way to upgrade your kitchen, and you’ll likely never use your oven again. It is able to do so many things, and also cook your food more healthily than you ever could have thought, especially with the air fryer function built-in as well.

The Ninja Foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps. With tender crisp technology, you can achieve all the quick cooking and tenderizing wonders that you love about pressure cookers. But where they stop, the foodi is just getting started. Its revolutionary crisping lid allows you to air fry, bake, roast, and broil. That means you can pressure cook to lock in juices, then finish with a crisp.

Only the Ninja Foodi gives you the best of pressure cooking and air frying, all in one pot. Transform frozen foods to crispy meals. Create wholesome, multi-textured 360 meals by cooking proteins, veggies, and grains all together. Elevate your favorite stew and chili recipes by adding a crispy or bubbly top to make one-pot wonders.

The Ninja Foodi OP300 is a 6.5-quart pressure cooker. That’s large enough to cook for a family of four or five. And you might still have some leftovers afterwards. Making it the perfect size for most families.

You can pick up the Ninja Foodi OP30o from Woot today. This price is not going to last very long though, so you’re going to want to grab this one before it is gone. It set to expire  on October 11, or when stock runs out.

Ninja Foodi OP300 – Woot – $90

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