What To Buy From Drew Barrymore’s ‘Beautiful’ Walmart Kitchen Line

From starring in “E.T.” at 6 years old to hosting her own morning talk show,

From starring in “E.T.” at 6 years old to hosting her own morning talk show, it seems Drew Barrymore can do anything. Folks who love Flower beauty, Barrymore’s line of cruelty-free cosmetics, already know the star’s ability to create versatile, stylish and affordable brands with some of the best packaging and product design on the market.

Yet even Barrymore stans may be surprised with the quality and look of Barrymore’s kitchen appliance line. Aptly named Beautiful, and exclusively sold at Walmart, the line carries simple and sleek kitchen gadgets ranging from larger appliances like 9-quart air fryers and electric griddles to trendy heart-shaped cast irons and multi-use hand blenders, all at a lower price point than many other kitchen appliance brands.

In a short video describing Beautiful, Barrymore said she wanted to bring her love of contemporary design into the world of kitchen appliances.

“Sometimes, we go kind of ’50s or girly in the kitchen, and I wanted to do something that felt more modern, and really be sleek,” she said. “Everything should be touch and digital. I wanted everything to be as streamlined as possible.”

And streamlined it is. Every appliance has a digital display with touch screen options that light up at the press of a finger. They also all come with gold detailing and available in five matte color options: black, steel blue, muted mint green, dark gray and a slightly off-white. While you may want the whole line for yourself, Beautiful appliances also make for great housewarming or wedding presents.