Woman who hated her ‘plain’ bathroom gives it a monochrome makeover

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A WOMAN has revealed how she transformed her old ‘plain’ bathroom on a budget using Frenchic paint.

Alicia Fieldhouse, 42, from West Yorkshire said she felt it was time to give the bathroom a makeover as she “hated” it when house guests wanted to use the loo. 

Alicia Fieldhouse gave her boring bathroom a monochrome makeover


Alicia Fieldhouse gave her boring bathroom a monochrome makeoverCredit: Alicia Fieldhouse
The former carer did it all herself for just £50


The former carer did it all herself for just £50Credit: Alicia Fieldhouse

The former carer, who is now unable to work due to fibromyalgia, transformed the space from a “plain” white theme to a stylish monochrome vibe – even painting her toilet.

She shared her £50 budget  bathroom makeover on Facebook, writing: “I Blackjacked everywhere including my toilet and I love it.”

The post instantly raked up nearly 1,000 likes and hundreds of comments with fellow DIYers praising Alicia’s skills. 

However many were sceptical about whether the painted toilet will be long lasting. 

Pictured before, the bathroom needed a colour boost


Pictured before, the bathroom needed a colour boostCredit: Alicia Fieldhouse
Alicia 'hated' guests seeing the state of it


Alicia ‘hated’ guests seeing the state of itCredit: Alicia Fieldhouse

Alicia said she has become a bit obsessed with Frenchic paint after using it during lockdown and she has now painted her hallway, a table, front door as well as her whole bathroom. 

She said: “The bathroom was very plain before and got dusty easily as dust would cling to the white. 

“I hated it when people wanted to use my toilet.

“It took me about a week all in all to do the bathroom makeover. I have rest days in between as I hurt when I do too much.”

She even painted the toilet and radiator herself


She even painted the toilet and radiator herselfCredit: Alicia Fieldhouse
The floor tiles cost £18


The floor tiles cost £18Credit: Alicia Fieldhouse

Alicia purchased a £17.95 tin of Blackjack Frenchic paint as well as picking up stick-on floor tiles from Studio Catalogue for £18. 

But she said the paint is so good – she still has some left.

Alicia also spent between £15 and £20 on cheap accessories for the bathroom and picked up lots of bargains from her favourite high street shops. 

She then got to work and painted the radiator, bath, toilet and sink stand using Frenchic Blackjack –  turning them from boring shades of white to sleek black. 

What Alicia’s bathroom makeover cost

Tin of Blackjack Frenchic paint, £17.95

Stick-on floor tiles, Studio Catalogue, £18

Cheap bathroom accessories, £15-£20

Total cost: £51-£56, with paint leftover

She said: “I used stick-on floor tiles from Studio Catalogue and then used Blackjack Frenchic paint.

‘”’ve used it all over my house now – I’ve done my stairs, banister and downstairs hallway floor.

“I also put up some shelves and bought a new toilet seat. 

“I think I’ve saved a lot doing it myself, I’m going to re-paint too in the next few weeks as the green on some of the walls in the bathroom doesn’t really go now.”

Alicia previously painted her front door green


Alicia previously painted her front door greenCredit: Alicia Fieldhouse
She's also given her hallway a Frenchic makeover


She’s also given her hallway a Frenchic makeoverCredit: Alicia Fieldhouse

Alicia said she spent around £56 in total on the whole bathroom transformation but still has paint leftover to use elsewhere in the house. 

The former carer also used Dazzle Me Frenchic paint to redo the grouting on the bath tiles and wiped it off as it made the grout “brighter”. 

She said applying the stick-on floor tiles was the hardest part of the DIY project as she had to cut the tiles to make them fit properly around the toilet and the sink.

However she said the floor tiles seemed really sturdy after she used an extra spray adhesive. 

The former carer admitted that the bathroom “isn’t perfect” but she is “really happy” with the outcome of her hard work. 

Alicia's post went down a storm on Facebook


Alicia’s post went down a storm on FacebookCredit: Alicia Fieldhouse

Facebook users rushed to the comment section of the post to praise Alicia on her bathroom makeover – while others doubted her decision to paint the toilet. 

One wrote: “You won’t see any spiders that sit on the toilet seat now!”

Another questioned: “How are you going to clean the toilet? Using harsh chemicals will probably take the paint off?”

While a third user said they would be interested to see how the toilet “stands up to the test of time” – as if it works, they would be inspired to paint their brown bath, toilet and sink. 

Alicia was quick to explain her choice and insisted “you never know until you try.”

She said: “I wasn’t shocked that I could paint the toilet as I’ve used this paint on my PVC front door as well as on my stairs and my floor. 

“It’s so versatile, I love it! I love my bathroom and would now be happy for anyone to use it.”

She also replied to a user on Facebook and insisted that she has been cleaning her new black toilet with cleaning wipes and the paint has been absolutely fine. 

Alicia said she realises the bathroom makeover isn’t to everyone’s taste but she loves it and that is all that matters. 

She also said her previous toilet had marks on it that she couldn’t remove – so she decided to just go ahead with her “crazy” idea. 

Another user replied: “You painted the loo?! That’s so cool. I’m about to move into a house with an avocado bathroom. I was thinking of replacing the bath, toilet, sink, etc…. but now….”

Meanwhile a Facebook fan joked: “Everything but the kitchen sink should be the motto of this group you all literally paint anything!”

A third praised Alicia, writing: “I love it. So funky!!! Xx”

And another user complimented her transformation, sharing: “Awesome effort. That floor is gorgeous.”

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